Friday, March 4, 2011

P 365 still going strong :)

Scrap booking Friday.
Sharon came by and I worked on my Project 365.
Sharon had to get an injection in her eye yesterday, so she just visited. I keep the lighting low so it would be more comfy for her.
I am so happy with how my Project 365 is turning out. I am proud that I work on it every Friday night so I stay caught up.
I am hoping I stick with it in the summer though. We go to camp on the weekends, so I may have to pick a different day of the week to work on it. It just seems that in the summer our routines change. Well actually we don't really have a routine, we kind of do what we want when we want....well except for the family members that don't get the summer off ;)
Onto My Day:
I had some running around to do today.
Heather and I went to Chapters Book Store. But she didn't find the books that she was looking for. I took a fast peek at some craft books.
There was a book there called Page Maps. It looked interesting. I was thinking of getting it. Then I thought , I have my own book of sketches, I should go through them and do the sketches from them first.
That's the plan anyway.

I got a call from Ashley this afternoon. She had an appointment at the University and couldn't find an empty parking spot. She was so upset. So she took her chance and parked in a non parking spot.
Well her luck ran out as she got a parking ticket. $25.00 or if she pays within 48 hours its $18.00. I think there are only about 8 spots to park unless you have a parking pass. And you wouldn't buy a parking pass unless you attend the University. Good deal for them.

I was so tired this afternoon. I didn't make sense when I was talking to the girls. So I took a nap. Slept for about 15 minutes, when I woke up I thought it was time to take Kristy to school. And I was wondering if I needed to pick up her friend.
Checked my said 4:05 pm. I laughed, well I don't need to worry about that until Monday, teehee. Then I went back to sleep, lol.

Talk about sleep, I am off to sleep as I am still tired. Time to up my iron intake ;)
I am off to my reformer class tomorrow. Now who thought it was a good idea to have it at 10:00am on a Saturday. Now 1:00 would be a better time.....well for my anyway :)

Hope you had some time to create today.



  1. sleep....good idea. I'm going to do that too. Your P365 looks good!

  2. mm know the feeling of needing a nap I was like that yesterday just wanted to lay down all day. lol hoping today I work on few things as I have about 16 pre-plan layouts to work on. lol

  3. Sleep..... yes I had a great sleep last night and thought I would get a lay in but nope my body clock was on 5:30am and that was that... Have a great weekend x

  4. loved your funny comment on my blog! Made me laugh!!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I can't function without enough sleep. Glad you were able to take a nap.

  6. glad you are still having fun with p365. i would really like to do this when i am retired and the kids are grown--not enough time right now but it looks so cool! looks like it is turing out great

  7. I have that album that I'm using for a scrapbook of my piano students. Love working with it! Your pages look great, such a good idea to set aside a specific time to work on it. Hope you get caught up on your sleep, that's what weekends are for!

  8. I took a power nap two days ago. I think that it must be the weather! Once we start geting some warmer weather and reliable sunshine, we will ge out of hybernation mode! Great 365 too! Summer is always the hardest for me to scrap, so I know what you mean!

  9. Awesome job on Project 365!!!! I think 3/4's of staying motivated is keeping it going. Does that make sense? I'll talk myself out of purchase (like your book) all the time. I think, wait a minute, I have something just like this at home! Saves money that way!

  10. Good to see you are still going on your P365, that's awesome! Hope you are having a great weekend. I plan on finishing my other birthday cards and then it's movie night tonight :0)

  11. Those afternoon power naps are the best! Love your P365 and kudos to you for making your own album. I have kept up with my photos, but not with getting them in my album and I bought one, lol. :)

  12. Your project 365 looks really good. I think it is good that you are staying consistent and setting aside time every week to work on it. I totally blew my December Daily this year by not keeping up with the journaling. I think I only accomplished creating one page.

  13. Just trying to catch up on some of my blogs since getting home. That isn't the only thing I have to catch up on. Need to do laundry and push the vacuum around, but my head is pounding and I am not doing that.
    Glad you got to catch up on Project 365. You are being so good about keeping up. Way to go.
    I am just trying to keep up with my picture a week. Off to do some creating. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. your project 365 looks interesting... cant wait to see the final thing :)

  15. I hope Ashley paid her ticket in Monopoly Money. Scammers!

  16. Love your pages. I admire people that have talent like yours. I would love to be able to do things like that.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment.

  17. Tracy,
    oh goodness. I fell asleep at the p.c. the other day. LOL last night did it again. Need iron but can't eat that many veggies and I can't take the pill. Maybe some fish would help?mmmmmmmmm
    Anyway you are talking bout great exercise and I am eating a half of a jar of marshmallow fluff. LOL
    won't get those great butt jeans I want to get this way huh?
    Okay I will go work out by cleaning the studio. LOL

  18. I love 365 projects, I have never been able to stick with one, though. Kudos to you for doing it!! It looks great! Summertime probably will get tricky, its the time that gets me, but you will do it! Hope your friends eye is ok!
    Have a great day and thanks for visiting!


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