Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow, snow go away

Spring is far, far away.
We got another dump of snow last night, and it is still snowing and blowing tonight.
I am so over this snow.
Heather and I shoveled the driveway this morning.
Doesn't she look cute in her hat :)
Heather was trying to get me to get the snow blower out, but I had never used it before, so we had to do it the old fashion way.
Yup I miss hubby when he is at work, teehee.

Onto My Day:
I cleaned the house today, shoveled the driveway and did some errands.

Then I spent the rest of the day watching YouTube videos on colouring with Copics.
Funny thing is I don't have any Copics to colour with, lol.

Didn't get any creative time in today. I hope you did :)



  1. Oh so sorry for the snow Tracy. It was actually 43 here today. Whoo hoo. Rained partly cloud but better then snow.
    Heather looks adorable in her hat! Sorry you had to shovel that. I haven't watched the videos on copics yet. Tee hee. Something on my list.
    I am sure you get some copics. Ya know you want to.;) tee hee
    I was actually creative today. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Felt really good too. Sneak peek later.
    have a wonderful evening my friend.

  2. Ohhh don't i know the feeling, ready to get rid of the snow too. We got dumped on Sat. Did the driveway twice in one day....And yes i run into the same problems with too much time on the computer, i get so involved with blogs, checking out the videos of products...i can so relate. Hoping to get crafting tomorrow, best of luck.

  3. We have some snow left here in Stockholm too. I'm getting tired of it. I would love some springtime!
    Thank you for the embossing tip you left on my blog. I'm going to try that with my Copics to see if I can keep within the lines when coloring. :)

  4. all of our snow is gone but is has turned to rain. we got over 2 inches of rain this weekend and we are supposed to get another 2 inches tomorrow. yuck! at least my garden will be well watered.

    copics are so fun to play with. you have got to try them!

  5. I am glad I'm not the one getting all that snow! I've had enough already too! We're supposed to get some Wed. evening & we had some the other day, but only an inch & it's gone already. We still have some left in piles, so we still get to see it.

    I've gotten a little creativity in, but nothing finished, since I'm pretty slow at getting stuff done & I work on multiple projects at one time-I'm ADD. LOL! Working on some Cub Scout pages for my son's book & refinishing a table I found.

  6. Thank god we don't have snow at the moment, we have lovely sunshine, but that can change so quickly.
    Have a good week
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  7. I make it a point to never know how the snowblower works, or I might have to actually use it. Our temps are in the range of rain/snow/ice these days, which is no fun at all. I'd rather have all snow.

  8. So funny you posted this, as I was driving in to work yesterday I was looking at our streets, feeling grateful for all the snow being gone, and wondering if YOUR snow was gone yet! Your post answers my question :) When will you snow melt?

  9. Tracy,
    Sorry to hear you are getting more snow.UGH!!
    I am sending you warm Florida weather, so get out your shorts :)

  10. Sorry that you still have snow! Spring will get there....eventually. LOL. Did you learn a lot about Copics? I have a few but I'm not sure I want to really learn how to use them because then I'd have to buy more. And they are expensive. I'll stick to Bic! :)

  11. Sorry about the snow. I don't know how all you ladies do it. I hope some warmer weather comes your way soon. I have Copics, but don't know how to use them. lol...

  12. It's times like this that I am happy I don't live in snow! As much as I think I would like to cause it's so pretty I know for a fact that I would hate having to shovel snow every day :-( But hey at least your getting a work out! LOL

  13. I so hear you about being sick of the snow. We're expected to get 3-5 more inches today and tomorrow. Ugh. Spring, spring where are you?!

  14. I'm so sick of it too! Now we're supposed to get a winter mix followed by rain... I'm taking it as a sign that maybe things are warming.

  15. I'm over the snow also, ours started again last night. Not sure how much we are suppose to get but at least there isn't enough to shovel yet :0) I can not wait for spring time!

  16. I agree.... no more snow! Thankfully we didn't get too much here. But I hear its going to be a long time til spring :(

  17. Isn't it great to have child labor? Yes she does look cute! Funny- you watching Copic classes with no copics. I have a couple bookmarked, and have watched (I think that I would totally love them!) but have not made the leap. I am taking Copics I, II, & III at CKC Portland, and copics will come with the class.

  18. OMG...I think I'd cry if I saw that much snow right now!!! You poor thing!


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