Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stampn' Up or Copics ???

I got to play with some of my new treasures today :)
Can you believe my Stampn' Up order came in this evening!! I was so pumped. Hubby told me Lynne phoned me when I was at my Reformer class. So I went to pick it up.
Hubby told me that she would deliver it tomorrow. Are you kidding me, I can't wait until then, lol.

So I thought I would do a little comparison on my markers. Copics verses Stampn' Up.
First you have to realize I have never used either marker before.
So to start this challenge I used this paper.
My Copic's....aren't they pretty :)
See, I have a problem with collections. You know I want every colour now. Now I am just playing here, so pretend the images are stamped without flaws, just work with me, okay :)
I don't have as many colours of copics, so I had to work with what I had.
These images are so adorable. One thing I noticed about these markers are that they tend to bleed. I coloured to the stamped image, then it slowly bled over the line. This was frustrating and I was disapointed.
I am wondering if this happened because of the type of paper I was using. I did get some Stampn' Up paper, hopefully that will help with the bleeding.
With this image I didn't colour as close to the edge. I think it came out alot better.
Wish I had more colours though ;)
Now time to try the Stamp'n Up markers. They come with their own storage container :)
These were fun. For one thing I had more colours to play with.
They didn't bleed at all.
They didn't blend as easily as the Copics though.
They don't have as many colours as the Copics.
So all in all...I am not sure which ones I like better. Big help wasn't I :)
I can never pick a favourite of anything. I feel bad for the one that wasn't picked. Ya I'm whacked, lol.

Proud Tuesday:
1. Went to my Reformer class, even though my knee was really sore today.
2. Happy that I spent time colouring.
3. I unpacked from our trip ;)

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. yes, paper I have been told makes all the difference. I don't know about the stampin up paper but the heavy papers work best.
    Also some gals on the copics say if it bleeds through it is good. Color saturation.
    So don't know what to tell ya. They sure look nice though.
    I have a few of both and haven't played with them yet either.
    Have fun

  2. ooooh! i really like how the copics blended so well together =)

  3. The bleeding with Copics is all in the paper. Neenah paper is good as long as you don't live in a humid climate. My favorites are Beckett and the Xpress It blending card. You should be able to find Neenah at any LSS, and the Xpress It is becoming more widely available.

    I got your thank you note today. It was so sweet of you, and a gorgeous card, of course!

  4. tracy,
    copics are so much fun! you have done an awesome job! it took me several classes to get the hang of it--you are a natural! couple of things with the copics--ink--memento ink works best with copics and you must make sure it is completely dry--you can even heat set the ink--second--paper--there is copic paper (i don't like it--just my opinion--or neenah solar white. this paper is awesome and is recommended by copic. email me and i can give you the site where i order it by the ream (250 sheets0 i used it for everything! stampin up markers are not alcohol based so they wont blend together as nicely as the copics, but stampin up markers are great to color on the stamps and then stamp the image --copics you can't do that--if you want any info just email me and i will give you what small amount of knowledge i have.

    your stamps are also to die for! love the little girl

  5. Nice coloring! I think Copics are meant to blend easily. I suppose there's a certain technique to use them. I've just tried my Copics out a couple of times but I need to learn more about them. I know there are some nice web sites and blogs filled with tips and tricks. :)

  6. I love your colouring and those stamps are lovely, I have a couple but don't get time to use them due to using tall the Stampin Up stuff and as I can't put them on my blog so.........thanks for sending the envelopes and I will let you know as soon as they arrive, I got a card from Marlene and that took 2 weeks, so we will see..........

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these. They are so different and I know you will see different results on different papers, too! Have fun playing!

  8. Tracy,
    I have never tried copics, so I can't help ya there, but I think they both turned out good
    ~Ps~I got you card yesterday, it was very sweet. Thank you so much. The monkey is just to cute

  9. I think they both look great except for the messy stamped images. Lol (just kidding) I'm so glad you are doing this comparison and can't wait to hear more!

  10. Great job coloring with both types of markers. I have not had my Copics bleed so I think it must be the paper. I want them all too. I told my husband I needed more and he looked at me like I was crazy and said there are more colors?!

  11. I don't have any Copic markers, so I am not any help about the bleeding. But I have also read about the Momento Tuxedo Black is the best to stamp with when using Copics.
    Off to a staff meeting at work and then who knows.
    Have a terrific day!


  12. That paper stinks for Copics--I highly recommend Copic Xpress It paper (I get it at Oozak.com). Be sure to use Momento Ink with Copics--but not with your SU markers. Also, you can use Stazon with your SU markers--but not with your Copics. You have good technique, but please treat yourself to come better paper. Oh, and SU's paper does not work well with copics either. Hope this helps!

  13. Love the comparison -- I think your images are super cute and look great. I only have a few Copics, but I can recommend one thing - others gave you tips on paper and ink. I can tell you to get the colorless blender pen. They didn't do a good job naming it because it actually removes color, it's not so much for blending. So when color bleeds over the line, you can touch the tip of the blender pen and it take up what you don't want. Give that a try!

  14. Both sets of coloring look great but I must say that I think I like the way the Stampin Up markers turned out from the photos. Nice job on both though! I accomplished the beginning of a goal...to use up a lot of my scraps. Check out the pics on my blog :0) You are going to laugh!

  15. Wow! You're much more ambitious than I am with those markers & stamps! Very cute & I think the Copics look so nice!

  16. I use ProMarkers and they bleed, also, but bleed to the reverse side, not bleed out of the lines. I like Stampin' Up markers a lot, but as you say, they're more difficult to blend. You've done a really nice job of coloring!!

  17. STAMPIN UP!!!! But then you knew I'd say that! Both are lovely Tracy:)

  18. Oh and here I am all ready to pick a favorite even though I've never tried EITHER!!! :-) :-) :-) KIDDING! They both look cute!

  19. Well, for sure the paper makes a differance. I use promarkers which are the same type but release a little less ink. Currently i have been using SU cardstock and does a ok job. I would love to try these other papers but can't seem to find them. Check out my blog and you can see how SU paper is....Awesome job by the way, coloring these images are so much fun.

  20. Copics all the way, baby! It DEFINITELY makes a HUGE difference in the type of paper that is used...AND the type of ink you're stamping your images with. NEVER stamp with an alcohol based ink (i.e., Stazon= NO!!!) I used Memento ink (as another commenter above suggested) for anything I'm stamping.

    The two different markers are completely different beasts. One is alcohol ink based, the other is water-based. The alcohols blend PERFECTLY. It takes some practice, but you're already flying 100 miles per hour! LOL! I'm so proud of you!!!

    Pssst....there is a mini tutorial on my blog tomorrow, coloring/blending with copics....on a certain type of image, which I'm not going to say here because I'd give away the title...lol.

    Thank you SO much for your card and little border punched papers! Received it yesterday, and was surprised. Put a big smile on my face. Thanks again!

  21. Hi Tracy,
    I really think you did a lovely job with the copics, i think they are the ones for you as your blanding and shading is fabulous.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  22. love the comparion. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering about copics i have seen tons of people using them but for me I don't know if I would use them enough to jusify as I do layouts more than making cards. (i really should make cards more) lol looking forward to more of you posting.

  23. I met you and liked your blog and I'm following you
    kisses from brazil
    Hint: kindly put a translator on the blog

  24. your images look great! I love both markers and I use copics for coloring on paper and SU markers for small spots of color or for coloring on rubber or acetate for stamping effects.

    SU markers you should use as little ink as possible or your paper will get too wet and start pilling.

    Copic markers you should saturate the paper so that you can see the color through the back(except on the heaviest paper!) The bleeding you experienced is because of your paper choice--it should saturate to the back but not bleed sideways across the page.

    good luck and have fun with your new toys!

  25. Tracy a group of ladies here said they used paper from Michaels in the art dept. It is
    Bienfang Commercial art paper designer series graphics no 360 100% rag translucent marker paper distributed by elmer' prouducts 9 1/2 x 12 50 sheet for $5.99. she is certified in copic markers . you did great job just need right paper. so don't feel bad.

  26. Stampin Up's paper is ultra-smooth in white and vanilla, so great for coloring. I also like Papertrey White as it is heavier. You've reminded me that I haven't colored much lately, must add to my to-do list.

  27. Stampin Up's paper is not for Copics. It is for water based markers. It will suck the ink out of your Copics.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I just found your blog doing a search for Copics. I am brand new to them. I took 2 classes, bought a bunch of colors and have been madly experimenting. Paper and stamping ink make a HUGE difference. So far the ink that has been the best is the Memento, especially once heat set. Lots of people say NOT to use SU paper but that is the paper that I have been the happiest with. No, to very little, bleeding outside of the lines. The Copic ink is harder to blend on the SU paper and it looks a little mottled. But it is WAY better than all the papers that bleed(especially the one you used above). I even had bleeding on the Neenah paper which is highly recommended. I'm banging my head over that one. I have seen some impressive videos on you tube using Gina K paper. I'll have to find out where to buy that one as I know nothing about it.

    Good luck with your experimenting. I am going to post a little video to my blog of my research results once I am done. If you don't mind I can post you a link to it when it is ready.


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