Thursday, June 9, 2011

Butterfly Easel Card, and a happy phone call

Very exciting day today. Well actually my day was far from exciting but I did get an exciting phone call.
One of my special blogger friends phoned me today. Pea from Whimsical Endeavors phoned ME today!!!! It was like talking to an old (let me rephrase that) childhood friend. Can you believe we talked for over 2 1/2 hours, lol. We only stopped talking because our hubby's wanted some time with us, lol. Nice to find someone who talks as much as me ;)
Thank you so much for phoning me tonight. I really, really enjoyed chatting with you :)

What I did do today was finish this card I have been working on for the last few day's or so.
It is an easel card. I got the idea from Debbie, here is her Tutorial on this card. Her cards are stunning.

Here is my card closed up. Wish I could take better photos.
 Here it is in the easel position.
I made all the flowers, except the beige ones.
 I used a Tim Holtz large ticket and stamped it with the Stampin' Up stamp. I distressed the edges and then inked them up. I only scrunched and inked around the inner edges as I still wanted to be able to read the sentiment.  I made the velum butterflies in the bottom left hand corner.
 A nice little cluster of flowers. I am not sure of the name or who makes the tag holder as I received it in a RAK. But I will tell you those suckers are hard to spread to put your paper in. I used a sharp knife (like that was safe lol) and Heather and I got that sucker in there, lol.
 Here is the flower that I shared yesterday, with a tutorial.
When I was finished my butterfly card, I asked (told) Heather to come and take a look and tell me what she thought. Now in this family we are honest, you ask for an opinion you are going to get it. Plus Heather isn't a girly, girl and she hates pink. Seriously, if I served her supper on a pink plate she wouldn't eat, or change the plate, I am not joking, lol.
OK so when I asked her what she thought she said "There's a lot of stuff on its pink, lol. Love that girl :)    Well she loved my G45 Steam punk album ;)

As I was making this card, I watched Burlesque. I actually liked it. It was pretty predicable, but what is not to love with Cher. Plus that Christina Aguilera can belt it out, WOW.

Thankful Thursday:
Ashley is feeling better, she went to work today.
A happy phone call from Pea :)
Heather's honesty
Hubby's sense of humour.
Kristy's wit

What are you thankful for today?



  1. Beautifully done, as always. I always admire your work.

    How sweet that you got a call from a real live computer friend, too! Heehee!!!

  2. How fun to have a call from a cyber friend! Very cool! Gorgeous card! Imlove all the details!

  3. That card is too pretty for words. WOW!

    Really, there are real people bhind these blogs?

  4. What a treat, to get a phone call like that - and then to chat so long with somebody you just instantly feel a kinship with!

    Your card is absolutely stunning. What gorgeous flowers! :o)

  5. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful chat time! Your card is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. How awesome that you got to talk to PEA! You 2 seem like kindred spirits.

    I personally adore the card & wish I could put "stuff" on projects like that & make it look like a work of art too, but I just don't have the knack that you do. I guess your DD would just hate the one mini album I'm working on then, huh? ;-) She might like my other one then. There's not one flower, bling or ribbon on the thing and not even a hint of pink anywhere, but then again, it's for a guy.

  8. You want to talk about stunning...Tracy, that card is AMAZING! I love it!!!! So, so beautiful!

    How cool that Pea called you :) What a sweet friend!

    I'm glad your family can be honest. We all need someone to be right? I mean otherwise who would tell us when our skirt was tucked in to our underwear or when we had toilet paper stuck to our shoe? Well, my family might think that was funny and let me walk around like that for a minute before they told me...

  9. Beautiful card - love the pink!

  10. What a fun phone call. I love things like that. I got to talk to my best friend yesterday and it was so wonderful!

  11. That is such a pretty card!
    And how fun to get a call from a scrappy friend. I remember the first time one of my "on-line" friends called me and it really made my day!
    I think your photo turned out great.
    But I have to say I feel the same way.
    I feel like my photos just are never good enough! :)

  12. Tracy,
    Great great card, it turned out really well.
    Glad to hear you had a good day

  13. Beautiful card. Love the distressed tag. Funny that she hates pink that much, but we all have our favorite colors and not-so-favs.

  14. you are so silly. I knew you were gonna blog that. LOL
    OMG, OMG, OMG!!! That card made me cry. seriously, I cried. It is stunning. The phrase and everything. Don't know why I cried but I did.
    Yes, like talking to one of my Bff's I have known forever. Glad I called. Let the stalking begin. LMAO-----Just kidding

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  16. How exciting! This blog thing has gotten so many people meeting so many other great, like-minded people! Your card is absolutely beautiful! As usual! I love the distressed look. I've started incorporating it into my photos.
    Tracy what kind of knitting machine did you have?

  17. OMG! all the details. TFS! ~Shen


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