Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chocolate Nugget Wrappers.

I made these cute little chocolate nugget wrappers today.
I am giving them to everyone who joined my Window Envelope Pocket swap.
I got the idea from Becky from Inking Idaho. You can see hers here.
 Hers are so much more cuter than mine are. But with my little knowledgee I have with the computer (actually Kristy had to help me) I think they turned out pretty good. Here are all the ones I have done so far.
I still need to make some more as there were over 30 participants.
 Here is a close up of one of them :)  Bad lighting as we have been over cast all day, and raining off an on. We are suppose to get a storm.
 What is wrong with this picture.
My family loves to tease me. I am a bit anal about certain things. And I think hubby did this to see if I would notice. He loves to keep me on my toes.
If you can't see what is wrong.....look in the lower left hand corner.
 Thank you for your advice on yesterday's post. I have talked to a few friends and family members about it. But I am still torn.

Ashley stayed home from work today as she was feeling pretty crappy. It takes a lot for her to miss work.
I am usually still in bed when she leaves for work, so I didn't even know she was home until I looked out the window during breakfast and saw the jeep out there.
Actually it still didn't register at first. I was looking at the jeep and wondering if there was something on the windshield or if it was cracked.
When I came to the conclusion that it was just something on it. THEN I realized that the jeep was in the driveway, which meant she called in sick.
So I go downstairs to check on her. She had a bit of a fever.

I never said I was the most observant person :)
Hubby get a ride to work everyday with his brothers. One day he took his truck. I didn't even know until he came home and explained why he had to take it. If someone had stole it I wouldn't have even noticed, lol.

Hope you got to create today. I am still working on the mini and that neat card. I also thought up another neat card I want to try.
I think I need to clean up my scrap/craft room and get a new perspective on my projects.



  1. I tell ya, that is ONE NEAT NEAT NEAT idea!!!!

  2. Fun chocolate wrappers!

    I've been that kind of observant before.

  3. I hope you are feeling way better to be doing all this! Love how Wayne turned one upside down :0) Maverick would be the one to do that to me! Love the chocolate nugget idea :0) Hugs!!!!

  4. I've done the chocolate nuggets before and I really liked it. All it took was a little piece of paper and voila instant gift. Yippie I'm getting chocolate in the mail!!!

    I'm also pretty unobservant most of the time. I'm too focused on what my kids are getting into to realize what's going on around me.

  5. These are so adorable! (And yummy, too). What a sweet idea! (No pun intended)

    I hope your daughter is feeling better!

  6. Those are so cute! LOL the upside down one! Your swap gals will love them!

  7. These are so FREAKIN CUTE! Love these!!!! Dang I wanted to play...but then forgot. My bad:( Hope your girl feels better ASAP! I was sick all last week. Still trying to get over it. Congrats to you. Just writting up my post:)

  8. Way cute chocolate wrappers! I'm going to have to remember that idea!

  9. A window pocket envelope swap??? Did I miss something, or was this through a group that your are a member of? I've been saving my window envelopes ever since I first read your post about them! Well, if I can't play along, then I'd definitely like to see what everybody's making with them! Love the goodies you made for the participants too! Darn! Where was I?! LOL!.. That aside, sorry to hear your daughter's not feeling well, and I hope everything's o.k. ~tina

  10. Hi Tracy,
    I love chocolate...how thoughtful of you. PLease let me know about the next swap...I'd love to participate. I see you are feeling better, awesome. TFS! ~ Shen

  11. Well...one time I made/let my daughter go swimming while she had a fever. Actually I griped her out first. I said something along the lines of "Look, just swim or don't swim! Quit complaining about the temperature of the water!" Then I found out she had fever. Does that make you feel any more observant? :-) :-) :-)

  12. that is just so cute! i love the idea!

  13. I hope Ashley gets to feeling better. Your chocolates look great!

  14. Those nuggets are adorable! I love how they look like your blog! I hope Ashley feels better!

  15. That is such a great ideas! They came out so cute.

  16. The nugget wrappers are great - I did them for the last 2 showers I hosted. Hope Ashley feels better. Hope you can sort out your dilemma soon!

  17. How cool is that that you were able to use your blog header? Clever daughter!;0)
    Lucky recipients in your swap!

  18. very sweet. Ha ha Wayne. He is like my hubby and the teasing.
    Hope Ashley is feeling better? I have been delayed with my return home until tomorrow. Actually came home to sleep last night and heading back to Mom's this afternoon. She has appointment early am. don't feel like getting up at 5:30 to get ready and go. So spending the night there.
    Biting my nails girl. The contest ends tonight and winner announced tomorrow.:0
    have a great day.

  19. I haven't made those nugget wraps in a few years, but how cool that you made your blog header into one! I think I need some chocolate now....

    My DH is the REALLY observant one. I have my days, but not like I him. Sometimes I think he has a hidden camera that watches when anything moves in the house. LOL!


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