Friday, June 17, 2011

Flower Beautiful

I got me some pretties today :)
I know I love to make my own flowers and embellishments. But these were to pretty to pass up :)
I got them at Michael's, with my 50% off coupon. The regular price was $8.49 a package :( 
 So when I got home I had a little experiment I wanted to try.
I coloured one of the white flowers with my Copic marker.
It covered beautifully.
I had been hearing about a Michael's "Store of the Future". So I asked the sales lady at Michael's about it.
She was not happy. She said the only difference is they are rearranging the employee's. Her job title has been eliminated. So she is working for less pay now.
How can that be right. They can't cut someone's wages.
She also showed me a pin on her shirt that had a "3B" (or 4B, can't remember now) on it. She told me that, it stood for 3 billion dollars in sales.
And they have to cut wages for a bigger profit ?
This is what the lady told me, and she works there. Well she does right now anyway, she says it doesn't make her want to work there anymore :(

When making a card, do you pick out your papers first and Then choose your colours for your image?
I seem to colour my image first, and then pick out my papers. I think it is because I have way more paper then Copic or Stampin' up colours.
Just curious.

Well we are finally going to camp to open up :)
I can't wait. Well I had rather gone tonight, as I hate to wake up early. Especially on the weekends.
I am bringing my book, magazines and some images to colour :)

Hope you all have a wonderful, creative weekend.



  1. Those are pretty! And a shame on the employee thing. Weird that they give it such an optimistic name. I always pick paper first. But I don't have copics. Still, I have more paper than ribbon or eyelets or flowers or anything. I think it's mostly that I use scraps of paper first, unless I can't find something I want to use. I figure, better to use the scraps. And plus, if they were made into scraps in the first place, it was probably a paper liked, otherwise I wouldn't have used it the first time to make it into a scrap!

  2. Oooohhh, those flowers are pretty! I've seen people color them before and rhinestones too! Let me know if you color some rhinestones and how that works out :) That stinks for the employees of Michaels. I usually color the image last, but only because I don't know if I'm going to use an image or not as I build my card from the base up. Does that make sense? Have fun this weekend! So happy you're finally getting to open up your camp/cottage!!!

  3. I can't believe the regular price for those flowers & I'd probably not buy them at 50% off either, unless that's in Canadian $. I will say, they sure do color up nicely with the copics! How awesome is that?

    Unfortunately in the business world these days, people can easily be replaced by the next person in line desperately waiting for a job & now the companies feel that they can abuse their employees because they won't want to lose their job, but then end up losing it in the end.

  4. Have fun at camp! :-) I always pick out paper first. But I can't color worth a darn, so many times I will leave my image as is. But I need to get my hands on some copics so I can practice. ;-)

  5. Ooh, have fun at camp! Pretty flowers for sure :0) I usually color first then pick out my paper. I guess it could work either way though :0) Have a great weekend! Hugs!!!!

  6. Hey hey, i've been playing with coloring flowers too, to match...Sure saves on buying 500 colors of flowers...I always color my pic first. It's way too hard tring to color accordingly to paper...i like to see where my pic takes me and what i end up with is it...then try and find paper...could be a bad thing but so far i muddle through...TFS

  7. Hey Tracy! Thanks for the tip on coloring the flowers with copics,that is very handy to know. And thanks for thinking of me, I've just been busy and haven't had time to create or blog much, plus at work, when I have some down time, I can't get on certain sites blog hopping and leaving comments is almost impossible. :(

    And as for your question. I color my images first too!

    Have fun at camp and have a great weekend!

  8. Have fun at camp! I love the copic flower coloring. I have a lot of white flowers so I could color them with mists, but now I will have to try the flower coloring. :)

    I haven't heard much about the store of the future - don't really know what Michaels is gong but if it's lowering how much they pap people and cutting employees, they are not off to a good start in my eyes....

    Hope you get lots of images colored this weekend! :)

  9. I love the flowers you found! I actually have stocked up on the Recollections roses that Michael's offered a little white ago. If you have any Distress Inks... you can "ink" your florals up that way as well. I often do this to make them "age".

    As for the Michael's employees I absolutely feel for them. Just another typical American company, with another typical retail policy to treat its workers unfairly...

    When I figure out my cards, I usally start by colouring my image first, then select the papers. There have times where I will just look at a paper collection and then ***BOOM*** a little light goes off in my head with what the card should look like and then I colour according to what I remember! LOL

    Hope you have a great time at camp and have some crafty time for yourself!

  10. Have fun at camp!

    I still can't believe you bought so many copics using one coupon at a time with each family member. I'm jealous I don't have all those bodies to help me! Have fun coloring.

  11. Happy camping, Tracy.
    The flowers you got are very pretty. I usually will ink my flowers if I want to change the colour up. Has to work when you don't have any copics.
    I didn't think one could have their wages be less. I could see no raises, but take lessen you wage????? That is so wrong!

  12. I pick out the papers first and then the colors. Your flower coloring is an awesome idea! I love paper flowers and now I can use the white ones for any project in any shade of color. Thank you thank you thank you for the tip!!
    I'm sad to hear about the Michael's employees. When greed for even bigger profits gets before being a great workplace where employees can grow and thrive - it's just wrong. :(

  13. Really a big bummer on the Michael's story, unfortunately that is happening in every single sector. My dd#2's husband got a "promotion" with less pay...profit margin you know. I do love those flowers you purchased but I haven't any Copics so I'll be making mine via my lovely Silhouette! I do color my images first and then select the paper...don't know why, but that's what I do. I love camping and miss it so much we haven't been since our kids moved out on their own! Have fun!!

  14. Paper or ribbon first and then colors.

  15. Love your flowers..I mostly scrap but choose my papers to go with the photo and try and pick the colours I think it would be the same with cards :)

  16. that is what is wrong to day is GREED..:O(
    How I do a card is I see a video on you tube and I m off Hinting the stuff to make it. I get just about all my ideas from You Tube it like christmas..:O)

  17. love the flowers! They look awesome when copic-d! For cards, it depends, but usually it is image first! Have fun at the camp this weekend and happy father's day!

  18. Hi Tracy,
    Cute flowers! To answer your question...I pick papers first then find my Cricut cut. Oh, stop by to visit me whenever you get a chance...have something waiting on you over there. TFS! ~Shen

  19. I always pick out my papers first, love your flowers. I like to ink the edges of mine with distress inks.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  20. Awesome, i am always looking for new ideas for artificial flowers. This is beautiful and unique.

  21. Yes it is true today is my last day as the floral manager and I have been here for 7 years. They did offer me a part time job with lower wages and no promised hours. I really enjoyed my job or the coworkers I should say but overall its a place that doesn't appreciate its employees all the way up to the corprate level. Oh yeah its kind of ironic they hired their ceo from wal-mart because we all know how great that place is......

    A former employee


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