Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flowers and Doctors

No creating for me again today :(
So what is a post without some pictures :)
I have no idea what the name of this trumpet shaped flower is, but it sure is pretty.
 Here is the the plant that it came from.
Wayne and I planted it years ago. It was maybe a foot high. Then the next couple years it didn't produce any flowers, and looked like it was a goner.
So we planted it here and the next year, it perked up. Now it is over 6 ft high, and oh so pretty.
 These are my flowering chives.
Onto My Day:
Today was doctor day. I had to see my cardiologist.
I have to go back on my meds. I was off of them for over 3 yrs. I kind of knew he was going to put me back on them. But first I have to go for a MUGA scan before I start them. I had that test before.

Funny story: I was telling my SIL Sharon that the doctor says if I watch what I eat and exercise that I will still have to take the meds. As it isn't something a life change can cure it is a problem with the workings of my heart. But of course he still encourages me to walk daily.
Sharon's response " Fuk the walking, if its not going to help, I'd just take the meds" LOL.
That lady cracks me up....funny thing is she meant it. Teehee.

I got my windshield changed today and they even washed my jeep :)

I want to thank everyone for sharing our happiness about Heather's accomplishment.
She never reads my blog, but she sure enjoyed yesterday's :)
As for those inquiring about where to find her novel. It isn't in book stores. Actually, I think only she can purchase it.
It is a dark story. About a girl trying to find her way and herself in a different dimension.
If you have played the video game Silent Hill, that is where she got her inspiration for this story.
Again thank you for all your encouraging words. She was so happy when she read them.



  1. Hi Tracy,
    the plants name is goats beard. I had it and the hummingbirds love it. A plant you can't hardly kill which is good.
    bummer! I wanted a copy of heather's book. I have never heard the game but still wanted to share in your happiness and read it. Oh well it is what it is.:( Congrats to her anyway. Well deserved.
    Yes, you should do all you can to keep healthy. I went to the doc yesterday and then found out I have gained 4 lbs back. UCK! so back to square one. Have a great week and email me soon.

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Like all your flowers.
    You and I are quite the pair with all our visits to the cardiologist. I go back at the end of july to see the doc who deals with the conduction system. Hope to get mine fixed up. Had to look up what the MUGA scan was.
    Stay healthy, my friend.


  3. Hi Tracy, love your cool flower photos, make me smile. TFS! ~Shen

  4. How cool that your plant was able to make a comeback! Mine is done & my chives have gone to seed by now.

    You're SIL sounds like a funny character. Laughing is good for the heart too, so maybe that might be more fun than walking.

  5. what beautiful flowers--i just dont have the green thumb--well i guess i have the green thumb but i forget to water them--therefore they die-hehehehhee

    keep walking--i am a firm believer that every little thing you do matters!

  6. Tracy,
    I love the pics of the flowers, they are so pretty. Funny about your SIL, it it true

  7. Beautiful flower photos! FYI, the The Women's Murder Club books are not about women murderers; they solve the murder mysteries. There are 4 of them - a police officer, pathologist, prosecutor, and a reporter.

  8. Your flowers are so pretty! Bummer about the meds, but if it's going to keep you healthy, I guess then it's a good thing? Your sister in law sounds hilarious, everyone needs someone like her around!

  9. Beautiful flowers. Your SIL sounds like fun.

  10. Beautiful flowers, my gram had that same pink flowering bush. Wish I could remember what it was called. Belated congrats to your daughter!!!

  11. Hope your visit to the cardiologist went well. the story was funny :D Oh! Do visit my shop, I have just launched my new collection and any comment is more than welcome :)

  12. You should have given that plant to me. I'd have made sure it was good and dead. I'm like that with plants. ;)

    Sucks that you have to go back on meds, but at the same time, it's great that there are meds out there that will help.

  13. Tracy
    Great plant!! See, there is something to the saying bloom where you are planted.
    Hopefully your health stays on the plus side.
    Congrats to your daughter.


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