Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Frustrated Facebooker

The New Issue is out :)
I really do love this magazine. The funny thing is, I don't think I had finished reading the last one.
But come summer at the cottage I am a reading machine :)
Today was a pretty uneventful day.
We were out of toilet paper. Now let me tell you with a family of 5 and 4 of those being females it is not something to take lightly.
OK, we weren't totally out, we had about half a roll left.
So Hubby and I ran to Superstore to pick up our bulk toilet paper.
That is where I picked up my magazine :)

When we get home, Heather comes out of the bathroom asking where the TP is.
Can you believe we forgot to buy it!!
Luckily we have a bathroom downstairs that had a 1/4 roll left.
So off we went again to get our toilet paper.
Guess I was just excited that they had a new issue of my magazine in, lol.

All day today I was trying to upload/download my photo's in a 2011 album of all my cards I have made so far to my face book account.
Well my facebook has been a bit.. well pricky lately. Nothing is in its right place. The like button is on pictures. It is super slow. Like a 5 count slow. It takes forever to scroll up or down the page. Sometimes its just faster to refresh the page to get to the top.
So I thought to put my photos in a new folder on my desk top.
Then I put them in order. Then downloaded/uploaded them to my new album. Well they were all out of order when they got to facebook.
So I deleted that album and then renamed all my photo's on my folder in numerical order.
Great, that worked.

Then I wanted to give details about what I did to each card and so on. Well that took forever. I was almost done then facebook froze on me. So I had to shut down (or whatever its called).
Go back to my facebook, yeah my photo album is still there. But NOT ONE of my descriptions are on. GRRRR.
So I had to retype all my descriptions again. Happily I am finally finished that.
If anything it did make me sit on my arse most of the day.
But oh so frustrating.

Ashley wants to make me a fan page on facebook. She has been wanting me to do this, plus a flicker page (I think that is the one).
If it is going to be as hard to work as my normal page, I ain't to sure about it.

Well my vent is over. Boy I am good at that aren't I, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)



  1. I hate when Facebook is slow, or my computer for that matter. Looks like a fun magazine! It must have felt good to get out of house.

  2. Sometimes computers can be so frustrating, but we can't live without them anymore.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.
    Would like to see that magazine some day! Need to make a trip north of the border, I am thinking.


  3. Whew, that sounds like quite the chore! I'm not on Facebook so I don't know how any of that works, but I can imagine how frustrating that was! I go to the store all the time and forget what I went for. At least you had a 1/4 roll for Heather to use :) Hope you enjoy your magazine!

  4. Hey girl, what a day huh? I hate days like that. Been there and done that with fb. It is why my albums are a mess. I gave up.
    Working slowly and if I plan on having it done tomorrow I best get to it. Love that mag, but you knew that ;)
    Hugs, pea

  5. Well, I don't do Facebook, but I'm wondering if it's making Blogger look a little better again? LOL! I don't know. Maybe?... I guess the important thing is that you got the TP! Hopefully things will straighten out from there, and that Sunday looks a little better! I've never heard of the magazine.. I'll have to look it up. ~tina

  6. Sure wish I could get that magazine in the states! I am looking for that magazine next time I go across the border. (When that will be, I have no clue.)

    My cousin once ran out of t.p. and there was nothing, and I mean nothing, in the house. She asked her son to get some wipes. Instead of the baby wipes, he slid some Clorox wipes under the door. She did not realize it until she stepped out of the bathroom and he was holding the container. She said she had the cleanest a$$ in the country after that episode. lol!

  7. Aaaahhhh the TP incident... been there done that! It's been known to happen more than once... we've used kleenex as TP. Eek!

  8. I can't upload many pics to facebook. It takes too long and won't upload enough at one time.

    Blogger still won't let me log in to make comments.

  9. My little ones use an entire tree's worth of TP when they go so we are always running low. My husband has little stashes all around the house so I'm sure I could find something.

    I don't even make albums on Facebook I just slap pictures up. Usually I am just snapping random pics with my phone so everything goes to mobile uploads.

  10. Hmmm...looks like a great magazine. Will have to take a look at that one. A new magazine (for me!) - thanks!

  11. Yep, sometimes I hate facebook too! You never know with them what is going to happen and it almost always seems to be with the photos that issues arise :0) Funny about the toilet paper, we've done that before too, being all excited about something else we found instead, lol! Hugs!!!!

  12. I don't have Facebook, but blogger has been a real royal pain in the butt lately. There is 5 of us too so I know the problems with toilet paper Lol!
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  13. O MY Gosh POOR TACY!!! I thoughtof a phrase but i can not type it here.. HAHAHAHAHHAA
    I think Stacy was ready to KILL me for laffing at her little mishaps But O my gosh I could not help it I M so glad nobody was watching me...I would never ever tell her all the things that happend to me..HAHAHAHHA I sure did enjoy doing those cards they are so beautiful.. I could have never done it with out her..The bestest part is I made some new friends..HOPE I CAN POSTTTTTTTT... Let me know when U get your LIKE BUTTON..:O)
    NOPE I could not POST using IE I had to use my GOOGLE CHROME...???
    HERE GOES...

  14. Lol. I've gone to the store before for something important and have totally forgotten about it. TP is not something fun to run out I've stopped uploading pictures to facebook because it's so slow. It never used to be.

  15. Oh she should make you a flickr! I don't know about the facebook fan page. I've never done that.

  16. LOVE that magazine.....every time I go home for a visit, I try to pick up the latest issue - and it's almost always sold out (but no worries because I just get a back issue which I don't usually have anyway!)

    Are you using IE9 by any chance? If so, get your arse away from that horrible browser and start surfing with Firefox or Chrome.


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