Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gazebo set we're ready for Summer :)

Today was a beautiful day.
It was about 25 C (78F). 
If you remember in this post Here, our gazebo collapsed, because we didn't take it down and we got a lot of snow. So Today we ran to Hubby's favourite store Canadian Tire and picked up a new one.
Hubby wanted the cheaper one. It was the same as our last one. I wanted the pricier one, with the screening and the neat shape. I know what a change eh. I am the one that goes for the cheaper products and Hubby is the one that goes for the pricier products.
It took about 3 1/2 hours to put this baby together, but oh so worth it. Oh ya I won :)
I have yet to plant my flowers and put all the furniture in it, but I still can't lift anything heavy, and well Hubby needed a shower :)
 I did do a bit of weeding though.
Look at the size of these things.  The air was full of these seeds floating in the air.
I usually pop their heads off before they seed. But the neighbours have more dandelions then grass, so it is a loosing battle
 We had to run to the "Pit" to drop something off.
The "Pit" is what we call Hubby's place of work.
This is not a very good photo, but that is the crushing/washing part of the plant way in the back.
 And just for you Leslee, a photo of the geese and their babies that live at hubby's work. Actually there were two sets of families.
We also saw a family of ducks, but they were to far away to get a photo.
I am so tired. All that fresh air today really got to me.
I did start on a real cool card I have been wanting to make. Lets hope that it turns out as well as I have it pictured in my mind :)

Hubby and I are watching "The Rite", then I am off to bed :)

I hope you all had a great creative weekend :)



  1. Very nice! I love gazebos! It gives such atmosphere to your patio!

  2. love the new gazebo. I would love to have one but too cheap! LOL I would have to put in pavers first and so forth.
    glad you won! I think you do more often then not. Wayne is a big teddy bear when it comes to you;)
    get some rest kiddo. don't over do it.

    okay so one question? wash what? rock?

  3. ooh I love it!! Looks soo cozy...a nice spot to relax with a nice cold "big people" drink lol

  4. Tracy
    Such great photos of the geese and babies.
    Oh ya, jealous or what of your great gazebo. Good for you. Take care of yourself.

  5. Tracy, yay, summer is here! Love your gazebo, I am jealous!

  6. oh i love the gazebo--i would love to get one for our patio!

  7. Tracy,
    I love the gazebo. It looks so relaxing, something you should be doing!!!!!!
    The geese pic is too cute
    Take it easy sweetie

  8. Lovely gazebo - bet it is so nice to sit under in the summer :)

  9. Love the new gazebo. I bet it will be a great place to relax throughout the summer.

  10. Love your gazebo! We need some shade on our deck, maybe something like this would work.....

  11. That looks FABULOUS! I bet you'll spend tons of time out there this summer, when not at the cottage of course :) Can't wait to see your card, I'll send "just as you imagined it" vibes your way!

  12. I'm sure you will enjoy having that gazebo out this summer!

  13. Love the gazebo! We have a large screened in porch that I adore, just need to get it cleaned up for summer. On my list for next week.

  14. Tracy, the gazebo is very nice - glad you went with the pricier one! Love the family-of-geese photo!

  15. Gorgeous gazebo!! Can I come up and hang out? We've been having rain here :-( Hopefully summer comes soon!

  16. Hi Tracy
    your gazebo looks fabulous.
    Take it easy
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  17. Glad to see that you're getting around. Just don't overdo it or you will pay for it the next day. Trust me, but pain meds can help that too. ;-)

    I so love that gazebo! My DH wants to build a permanent one off the deck to the pool. I probably won't get any potted flowers this year unless I can find some for $1 for a giant pot. LOL!!

    I will have to tell my DH that I'm NOT the only one that picks the heads off the dandelions...I know it's a losing battle, but I don't see any reason to make it even worse!

  18. Your gazebo looks great!! I need to come visit so I can spend some time with you - under it! LOL! (Oops..that sounded weird. I meant drinking a cold one, or eating one of Wayne's burgers!)

  19. Thanks for including me in your blog post. Cute goose family on their outing.
    I so love your gazebo. We just have a huge back deck. Hope that nicer weather is here so you can enjoy it.
    My next door neighbors have more dandelions than grass in their yard. It is a rental now and the owner needs to take care of some things. There are new people moving in.


  20. That is a great gazebo. And it's is wonderful the kind of tired that a day full of fresh air brings on.


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