Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gift bag and family get togethers.

Today we celebrated Father's Day with Wayne's dad and his family.
His dad was at camp on Sunday, so we did see him on that day. But the whole family celebrated it tonight.
We all went in on a gift for him. But I bought him something a little extra.
Of course I forgot it at home and had to go back to get it. They only live a few blocks away, so no big deal.
But when I went to get it I realized that I didn't wrap it.
 I couldn't just give it to him in the small paper bag that it came in.
So I jazzed it up a tad.
I stamped the bag, added a tag that I stamped a sentiment on and tied it up with a nice ribbon :)
 This is the little extra we got for him. A tiny flask.
Now let me explain the meaning behind this.
When the men go hunting and they get a deer or a moose, they all have a drink of rum.
They call it the "Kill Bottle". As they have gotten older and drinking and driving is a no no. They started just taking a sip. So when I saw this little key chain flask (which is the real deal by the way) I thought it would be perfect for their "kill bottle" :)
He loved it. I also bought one for hubby.
See the year on there, its 100yrs before I was born ;)
I love that Wayne's family get together for Birthdays and holiday's. Growing up it was just my family. All our relatives lived in Winnipeg. So we never seen them. I would visit my dad and sometimes, some of my relative in the summer. But for birthday's and such, it was just my mom, dad, and sibling.
So this was such a warm feeling to see all of Wayne's family all together celebrating each other. I just love that his family is so close.

Now I am going to share something else about my childhood with you. I  bought this note paper when I was about 12 yrs old. I used to save my babysitting money (or allowance) for papers and fun pens. I know I was a paper lover back then as well.
I was so excited when I finally had enough money to purchase a fountain pen and this note pad.
Well today I used the last sheet of paper for a note to Kristy's teacher.
I was hesitant to use it. I can't believe that I still had it. Maybe it was acid free, lol.

Proud Tuesday:
-That I didn't hoard this last piece of paper, teehee.
-I went to the book store and didn't purchase a book. I was only there to pick up a book that I had ordered. So actually it was prepaid, so I didn't really buy it today ;)
-That I worked, and I think I finished, the mini album that I have been struggling with the last month or two.
-Whipped up this gift bag in no time flat.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. Too cool- I am also a centennial baby, born in Winnipeg. My grandma and many of my aunts, uncles and cousins are still there. Lol on not hoarding your last piece of Garfield paper (my 8 y/o just discovered our Garfield books and loves them!) I still have my Ziggy "treasure box" I bought in 6 th grade. It is on my desk at school!

  2. I am so proud of you for using that last piece. I used to buy paper and pens too. My father collected paper and pencils so I guess it is in my blood.
    Something proud: I took Michael to help out Mom and I made my first tutorial! Yay for me... Someone has encouraged me... Wonder who that could be. still sound like a dork but hey one day at a time. LOL
    Have a great week my friend.

  3. Tracy,
    Your bag turned out really cute and what a great gift for him.
    I don't think I could of used that last piece of paper, but so proud that you did

  4. Very good that you didn't save that last piece of paper....but, are you saving the cover???? ;)

    That flask & the story behind it are very cool! You were quite clever with your impromptu gift bag design & it's perfect for the masculine feel.

    Let's see...what to be proud of, that I got my son's graduation invitation printed. I may not like them when I go pick them up, but that's how they'll have to be. I'll be more proud when I get them mailed off today or tomorrow.

  5. what a cool bag-- i just love it!

  6. Your bag is fabulous! And I'm a little sad and a little proud that you used that last sheet of paper! How cool that you had it all this time.

  7. Love that bag, so perfect! Sometimes it's the quickie projects that are the best ones! That little flask is adorable! I love your notebook too. My sister and I loved Garfield!!! Way to go using the last piece! :)

  8. The bag you stamped looks great - love that Tim Holtz stamp set!

  9. Haha that's so funny about your pens and paper! Love the stamp on your card!

  10. Ok I am so digging the bag... Love it and love how simple it is.... Thanks for sharing...

  11. I have that Tim Holtz stamp set. It's a great set far guy sfuff.
    Survived my angiogram. They gave me drugs so I don't remember anything. They let me come home a little after lunch and I am reclined on the couch. No issues with my heart that they saw. Now on to the heart conduction doc.

  12. Hi Tracy, totally fabulous...you rocked it once again. TFS! ~Shen

  13. WoW! So proud of you for using your last piece of paper!! Love how you jazzed up the paper bag, and the idea of the tiny flask! Totally Cool!...I wonder if it is airplane-able....hmmm!

  14. That flask is such a cool thing!!! And that Garfield paper...too cute!

  15. What a great gift idea! I loved the jazzed up gift bag and tag too!

    You are such a strong-willed lady! I probably would have kept that last piece of paper! LOL!


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