Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good News on the Heart Front

                                                                        Good News :)
I went for my angiogram and I have no blockages or plaque build up.
I, of course, still have cardiomyopathy, but so far so good.
I have an appointment with my cardiologist later this month.
But the cardiologist that did the procedure said no blockages :)

This was my view for a good part of the day.
Good thing I brought a book :)
I forgot my camera in the room (if that is what you want to call this curtain wall). Or I would have taken pictures of the angiogram room. Much more exciting.
So my day consisted of the hospital and laying on my arse the rest of the evening. I got home at 5:45.
I have to sneak to come on my laptop. Kristy is a very strict nurse, lol. I am not allowed to do anything.
Oh crap her she comes. I better go, she scares me when she is mad, lol.

I will check out all your blogs tomorrow, when Kristy is at school. teehee.

Hope you all had a creative day today :)



  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that you got good news! Sneaking around Kristy is very bad!! Although I would do it too :0) Rest like you are suppose to so you can get back on your feet sooner. Big Hugs!!!!

  2. Tracy,
    You and I are kindred spirits with our ticker issues.
    glad all went ok with your angiogram
    You need to chill for the next day or two
    I see my cardiologist next week and am scheduled for a stress echo.
    Finally got my flowers planted. before we get more rain tomorrow
    My daughter has water in her basement
    Hope you are doing OK
    Hugs, Leslee

  3. Sweetie soo very happy for you. Nice new toy mr. wayne. Hawaii I will meet you there. Lol
    Now get some rest woman! Or I will hsve to call your
    I will be home tomorrow afternoon. See you then.
    Hugs, pea

  4. Wow....good news!!!! I´m happy for you
    take care

  5. Great news, Tracy - take it easy!

  6. Fabulous news Tracy!!!!! Take it easy though, Kristy means well :)

  7. Even though it must have sucked to be in the hospital for so long I am so glad to hear the good news!

  8. Yay! So happy to hear this.

  9. Tracy - I have been unable to comment for over a week now so I've been unable to send all my good wishes to youw ith everything you are dealing with! You've been in my thoughts though and I am so happy to hear everything went well so far!!

    I also have to say that I love that your daughter is a strict nurse :-) It's so sweet!! Make sure to rest up!! I look forward to hearing that your other testing goes wonderfully too!!

  10. Tracy, it's very good that you can have a sense of humor even when facing some pretty scary health issues. I'm glad that your testing went well and that you are home resting...(or should be anyway!!) ;)

  11. I'm so happy to hear your great news Tracey! What a great kid you have!!! :) I was a pretty strict nurse in my family too. LOL!

  12. So glad you got good news. Rest up!

  13. Tell Nurse Ratched to take a chill. JUST KIDDING! It's wonderful you have such a good nurse to take care of you. :-) So glad everything turned out well. Awesome!

  14. That's wonderful news...and I'm laughing about Kristy! She's taking care of her mama!

  15. Yay for the good news on your heart!! We knew you had a good heart... didn't need no Dr. to tell us that! ;)

    But I think you're wise to stay home, even though it's still a bummer. Tell nurse Kristy to take it a little easier on ya, we don't want you passing your angiogram only to lose you to dying of boredom. tee hee...jk!

  16. Glad to hear the good news on your heart

  17. Good news! I'm sorry for the view for the day, but it's great that you got good news out of it!!!!

  18. Glad it is good news on the health front!


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