Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hello.... Alice

I coloured one of my new stamps :)
It is Alice, isn't she adorable!!!
I used my Stampin' Up markers to colour her in. I know I keep buying these Copic markers and I am using my Stampin' Up markers. But seriously I love these markers as well :)
 A close up of the cutie.
I paper pieced her huge tea cup with the same papers as the background. This was the hardest part for me. I wasn't sure if I should colour it or paper piece it. Then I cut out 3 different cups and kept asking my girls which one I should use, lol.
Oh I did use my grey Copic to outline her, as Stampin' Up's grey is to dark.
 Just a Hello card. I love making these cards as you can do anything you want with them. Plus who doesn't like a little Happy Hello in the mail :)
 Here is the dimension I used on the card.
I used my long forgotten decorative scissors to cut out Alice, and the card stock she is backed with.
I am really happy with how her hair turned out.
 For the inside of the card, I used some left over pattern papers and my recipe card. I know you are probably getting tired of these, but I do use them on every card.
Onto My Day:
Woke up at 8:44 am to our phone ringing. I think we got pocket dialed, as the caller didn't say anything, but hubby heard kids in the background. This has happened more then once. And always late at night or to early in the morning, grrrrrr.

Hubby and the girls came with me to Michael's to pick up some more Copics with my coupons. Everyone bought one for me, so that was 5 markers, then I asked the lady if I went in the other line if I could buy one more as I had another coupon.
She said, sure why not :) Yes little things make me happy :)
For the family's help, I treated them to a hot dog and a pop at the hot dog vendor by Canadian Tire :)
Actually I think that cost me more then the Copics would have at full price, lol.

My daughters went in on Netflix. They brought the WII up to the living room for hubby and I to watch some movies. Not sure if that was a good idea, as we have watched 3 movies tonight.
I wanted to make a card, so I brought some of my supplies upstairs so I could watch them as well. Now tomorrow I have a mess to clean up in the living room, teehee. I am a messy crafter, lol

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and was able to be creative.



  1. Alice is adorable! I love her hair and I think that tea cup is super cute! We got woken up at 8AM this morning by the phone, but it was my sister calling. Bah! I couldn't be too mad at her though because she was watching the girls for us :) You make me laugh, about going in the other line at Michael's, that's too funny!

  2. Greetings from the South! (Ontario that is!)What an adorable card! Great colouring (and paper piecing) job as well! Tell me it's so... Copics sold at Michael's????!!! Obivously Michael's stores here in S. Ontario haven't caught up yet!!! S;o)

  3. we don't have copics and the place I get them has no coupons. That stinks girl friend. Ha ha.
    Oh this is darling! WOW I love this card. What die did you use for the rectangle?
    I posted a picture on my blog for you and hubby. I thought you might get a giggle.
    Have a good one my friend

  4. Thank you for the sweet compliment on my blog! Made my day! :-) I love your card! You always, and I mean ALWAYS do such a fabulous job! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  5. You do such an amazing job with your stamping & coloring! Enjoy the netflix! I love streaming older tv shows.

  6. Alice looks great, I love the paper pieced cup. You did a great job colouring with your SU markers, how did you get them to blend so nicely? Makes me want to break mine out, I have had them for years but don't use them very often. Enjoy your new copics

  7. Oh, my dining room table was a FRIGHTENING sight for a while, as I'm in the middle of making a set of 6 tags for a swap I'm in. It was quite a job clearing the table and transferring all the tags with all the loose pieces and components to another spot, so that my kids and I could have DINNER!.. Love how sweet your tag came out! I have GOT to get some of these stamps for myself.. SO CUTE! Love the blues you used, and that little tea cup she's holding! Adorable! ~tina

  8. Tracy,
    Your card (as always) turned out fantastic, this really is a stunning card.
    Now quit reading my post and go clean up the mess you made :)

  9. Hi Tracy,
    You create the most adorable them all. Thanks for sharing! ~Shen

  10. Very cute card! I love that Alice image!

  11. Adorable card! I love the grey outline. I will have to try that.

  12. Very cute card -- love the image and making the hair blonde really made it pop! Who makes the stamp, Tracy?

  13. What a beautiful card -
    your coloring is gorgeous (as usual) and I love how you paper-pieced the teacup! :o)

  14. Love the blues in your card. Great deal on the copics!

  15. Alice is super cute! That is a fun stamp. I love Netflix. I love that they have a ton of TV shows because 45 minutes is about as long as my attention span will allow when I'm scrapbooking. I'd have to pause a movie 10 times so the TV shows are perfect!

  16. Tracy what a gorgeous card, your colouring is brilliant and I love your design.

    Glad you got your copics, you must be getting quite a collection now.

    Have a good week
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  17. Wowza - your shading on her skirt is lookin' good, girl. Love your card - adorable!

    Ohhh I miss the hot dog cart parked outside Crappy Tire! Any chance you could mail me one of those hot dogs and have it arrive fresh? LOL. Ok, so that's asking a bit much. *snicker*

  18. love your alice the whole thing is adorable i really need to find these stamps that everyone is coloring in i have stamps but not to many to color i really should just stick to coloring of the die cuts but the stamps are so temping


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