Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I need more Copics

Kristy was making a Birthday card for her friend and wanted to use my Copics.
As she was colouring she says to me "Mom, I'm disappointed in you. Your container isn't full". LOL.
Then she says "You need some more colours. Like you don't have very many greens"/
How I love this girl.
 The other day Wayne was talking about his stuff. I told him we are married its 50/50.
Oh he says to me "Well, I think I want to take my 50% of my Copics to work today." What a smart ass, lol

Today I had to play catch up on my book work.
So I caught up on my YouTube videos and worked all day.
Yup that's about it for me today.
It rained all day. A good day to stay in and work. I didn't get dressed until 4:30. How sad is that.

Hope you had a creative day today.



  1. The family teased me too!.. But in MY case, it's over (gasp!) empty spaces on the walls!! LOL! I like a lot of pictures, shelves, etc, etc, and EVERYBODY'S a comedian!!! HA! HA! HA! (0; Have a good night! ~tina

  2. LOL oH wayne you silly man. What if she wanted 50% of your toy? Like your favorite bull dozer or video game. Huh?
    Gotta love christy... good girl. LOL
    Have a great week my friend. Same old here just different day. LOL

  3. I think you have a good start to your copic collection. Got to save something to get you for a special occasion, right???
    Slept all afternoon, so not very sleepy now.


  4. I sounds like you had an awesome day today.hope you have many more. listening to the rain all day. love it and having the colors of the rainbow in a container even better. :)


  6. Hi Tracy, it seems like you have A LOT fun with your family, as do I...and oh do our children say the darnest things-lol. Can you say obsession? Yours is copics, mine is Cricut Have a great day. ~Shen

  7. Hehe! Some stuff we just don´t share.... :D

  8. Tracy,
    Yep, I think you need more copics! Too funny about Wayne, my husband would say the same thing

  9. It's been rainy here, too. Yesterday, and now today, and more coming tomorrow. Ick! You most certainly need more Copics! :-)

  10. Oh Kristy is such a smart girl! I think you should organize your markers by color, then you can see what color family Wayne's 50% needs to buy more of ;)

    You have the perfect job!

  11. I would have to agree - you can't rest until that container is full! Great way to have some company while you are working...catching up on youtube! :) I bet it makes the work go faster! Hope you see some sunshine soon!

  12. wow you have a lot of markers! but there is room in the container for more so i think you should get shopping! hehehhee

  13. My collection of copics is around the same size but I'm having a lot of trouble finding a good storage solution. I really wanted the color cubbies but they stopped making them, for now at least. I bought some cheap mini stacking bins from Staples so we shall see how that works out. Hope your doing well!

  14. My DH would say that he wants to sell HIS half of my portion of OUR stuff. LOL!

    I agree with whoever said that the copics you are lacking would be great gift ideas! I think I would declare a "Just Because" holiday! ;-)

  15. My hubby wouldn't even know what a copic was, lol!

  16. wow so many!!! have fun with them!

  17. I enjoy your blog posts, they make me laugh...and some days I really need to have a good laugh.

    Your daughter and her teasing you about not having enough Copic markers, then your husband telling you he'll just up and take his half of them!! Love it and love you.

  18. I think you need a compressor. Air guns are so much fun with Copics. :)

  19. There is nothing like the encouragement from your children! You raised her right :0) Hugs!


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