Monday, June 13, 2011

More Copics and some interesting Postal information

Whats a blog post without a photo?
Boring, that's what it is, lol.  So I will show you the Copic colours I bought the last couple days :)
Thank you family, my little coupon commando's :)
I didn't get to create all day today, but I did have a very busy day.

Sooo Onto My Day:

Kristy stayed home from school today, as her throat was sore, and she could hardly talk. I knew this was going to happen as she got Ashley's cold over the weekend.
So I got to sleep in a tad later this morning, oh I can't wait until summer holiday's.
I had lots of mail to get to the post today. I had 6 more swaps to get ready to mail. Plus a few extra goodies to some friends, so I got all the packages together.
Picked up Ashley at lunch and all of us (Heather, Kristy (she felt a bit better), Ashley and I) went to Michael's with coupons in hand and picked up some more Copics :)
Then we went to the hot dog vendor and each got a dog for lunch.
Then back to Michael's for some more markers. Ya, ya, I know it says one coupon per day. But I figure they double the price on everything at our store, so they are not losing a  profit from my few markers.

When I came home I gathered up all the parcels and went to the post.
What an education I had there I tell you. We have a post office in our Zellers. Which is like a Target in the US.
Canada Post uses Zeller's employee's to run the post office. So the workers are not in the Postal union and they don't get paid the big bucks that Canada post pays, they don't get the benefits, plus they still have to work when the post is on strike. Interesting isn't it.
I also found out it is less expensive for me to mail the same parcel to Scotland than it is to mail it here in my homeland of Canada.
Now that just doesn't sound right does it.

Hope your Monday was a creative one :)



  1. I know, our postal rates are ridiculous! Yay on the ton 'o new copics! My comment yesterday was all wonky, then I lost it! Wanted to say how much in liked the Alice on your card!

  2. what??? your michaels sells COPICS!!!!???
    LUCKY!!!! my michaels dont... but i do live on the west coast... =(

  3. I am seriously drooling over your marker collection. a few of those I don't have. No fair. LOL
    WOW no wonder your guys are on strike. I tell ya, hubby is about ready to strike here. Lots going on and it is bad. he just keep going though.
    Well have to go do some wrapping, cleaning and organizing. Maybe some painting. LOL

  4. sweet markers hope to see a video on your new markers and what you color with them. if you have a coupon use it. i need to find a coupon for copics that would be nice. I will be waiting for the videos thanks again love the swap cant wait till your next challenge.

  5. More copics can never go wrong! ;)

  6. Man Tracy, won't be long and you'll have all the Copics! Ha! Hope Kristy feels better soon. That's crazy about the post office, seems wrong for the employees doesn't it?

  7. You certainly are getting a vast assortment of them.:D I don't blame you for trying to get all your coupons worth on those Copics, they are NOT cheap! Good thing for me I'm not into them. ;-) I have enough problems with crafting stuff as it is. :P I do agree that one does require a wide variety of them to create great looking designs.I know your ready to get your mad color skills on now!

  8. Tracy,
    You are getting quite the collection of copics. I am looking into getting the markers from Stampinup.

  9. Interesting about your post office in Zellers! Hope Kristy's feeling better!

  10. I need to check my Michael's to see if the have copics but that could be dangerous. Looks like you are building a great collection.

  11. Wow, you must have quite a collection of Copics now!

  12. WOW!! I cannot believe had a sale on their copics! That is so great you got such a deal!!

  13. I have total Copic Envy! Congrats on the haul and love the term coupon commandos! LOL! Hope that Kristy is feeling better...and that you are too for that matter! Have a great day!!!

  14. sounds like your postal system is screwy, not that ours is good or anything.


  15. Okay. Spill. Are Copics really as amazing as everyone says?

  16. I wish my Michael's had Copic markers. No such luck. :(
    but you have quite the collection going.
    My mum had a Zellers close to her place, but it didn't have a post office.

  17. Oh, I need to get my hands on some Copics. Especially if I can use a coupon.

  18. It seems that your postal system in Canada is very similar to our new postal system in Sweden with the same lousy conditions for the employees and a worsening customer service. :(


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