Friday, June 3, 2011

Snuck in some colouring and a card ;)

I am feeling pretty great today.
I even made a card :)
Isn't she adorable! This is the first time I inked this image up.
I am not a big lover of green, but it seems like all my cards have this colour in them lately. So I guess I am a lover of this colour now :)
 The dimension shot :)
I was thinking of adding some flowers to the bottom of the image. What do you think?
 So, I thought that I would colour some images. Then I thought well since I am on my arse again today I will do some paper piecing. So I stamped out her dress on pattern paper and cut it out, then adhered it to the image that I had coloured.
As much as I don't like fussy (or detailed) cutting, I do like how this turned out.

Just a tip for those who don't have very many colours in the Copic markers. The green in her bow and shoes, is done with only one colour. That is what is so neat about these markers. If you just colour over the areas you want shaded a few times, they become a bit darker.
 After I was finished attaching everything to the front of the card, I opened it up and to my horror the bar code was on the edge, grrrrrrr. What are the chances, lol.
 So this is how I fixed it up. I know you're not suppose to show your flaws, but I love to show how things can be fixed :)
I just want to inform everyone that is in my Envelope tag swap not to panic about the Canadian Postal Strike. It is a rotating strike so far, so mail may be slow, but it hasn't stopped all together yet.
If you are interested, you can read about it HERE.

Again I want to say THANK YOU to all you wonder friends of mine. You have all put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart with all your well wishes.

Hope you all got a chance to create today :)



  1. Hi Tracy,

    I love your card...super cute, bar code and all. So glad that you are feeling much better today also. Take care of yourself Lady. ~Shen

  2. There r no words great enough for this cutie! Wow even ill you do great things.
    Yes,m I was creative. Tee hee. Love that little stamp. Adorable. Off to bed my friend. The coach is about to turn back into a pumpkin! Lol.
    Keep getting better my friend. Hugs, pea

  3. TRACY TRACY she is so Pretty... I dont care for Green NIVER But I got to say THIS IS REALLY PRETTY!!!! The way U did her hair O MY gosh BEAUTIFUL. But I got to tell U something. I kind of laffed about the bar code... HEHEHEHHEHEH U HANDLED it very well.. HEHEHEHEHHEHE

  4. OMG, that card is soooo pretty! Your coloring is totally amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Tracy,
    Your card is super cute, I love that image. She is so innocent looking.
    Happy to hear you are feeling better

  6. That is so pretty! I really like how you pieced the dress on. It looks so cute!

  7. Greetings from the southern Ontario!
    What a sweet card! I love the patterned paper you used for your paper-piecing!
    I too, had a disaster on one of my cards last week! The sentiment stamp I used for inside of my card didn't stamp properly. I simply took some of the patterned paper I used from the outside of the card and incorporated it into the inside with a white piece of cardstock to create a "blackboard" effect and adhered it to the inside of the card. I restamped the image PROPERLY! and (hopefully) no one would be any wiser! S:o)

    Hope you will be up on your feet soon! (Perhaps hubbie could take you to the cottage next weekend?)
    Gell well soon!

  8. Tracy-Hope that you are doing better! Sorry that I haven't been visiting the blog more. It has been crazy busy here! Love the little girl in green. I love that olive/ garden green color. Very spring-y! Awesome fussy cutting too!

  9. Tracy-Glad you're having a good day! Your card is too cute for words! TFS. :-)

  10. Hi Tracy glad you are feeling better. I am down now with a virus of some kind. I subbed in a first grade yesterday and now I can't talk at all. So I am on the computer and that is about enough for me right now. Happy to hear the post is up and running. Let me know when you get the package and if I owe you anymore for the return.

  11. Lol, actually, it is nice to see how mistakes can be fixed! We all have done an "oh, CRAP!" when in a project! It's always a good thing to be able to salvage! I ammliking it without the flowers. Liking then paper pieced dress too. I am not overly fond of fussy cutting either, but there are some of my stamps that just seem to call for it, and they seem to be ones that I really like-what fool am I?

  12. Glad you are feeling better, Tracy! Adorable card.

  13. So happy you're feeling better, got some coloring in AND made a card! I feel your pain about the barcode but I love the way you fixed it and that you showed us!!! You make me laugh when you say you don't like green, your blog is green! :) Haha!

  14. Tracy, Cute little card. You can make lots of green as far as I'm concerned. Even Harlee knows green is my favourite colour.
    Hope you are doing better.
    I am working this weekend, so no time for creating.

  15. I'm glad you finally got to flex your Copic muscles!

  16. Oh my gosh, I love this card! The green is so pretty! That little girl is absolutely adorable :0) So good to hear that you're getting better and better :0) Big Hugs!!!!

  17. I think it's beautiful the way it is, doesn't need ny flowers. It's a gorgeous creation Tracy. Your paper piecing is superb.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  18. Super sweet...such a darling image esp. with the red hair! Great job!

  19. Say your creation on Make it Monday and had to come for a closer look, your image is so cute, Love the little butterflies too..what punch did you use for them ????

  20. This is absolutely adorable!!! Love it!

  21. hi there Tracy .Beautiful card .love the way you FIXED inside reminds me of craft creed ...there are no mistakes only embellishing opportunities ! great colouring too .Thanks for sharing on Make it Monday .

  22. Grrrrr...have to retype because blogger told me there were "conflicting edits"....grrrr.

    Your card is adorable! I was introduced to the most wonderful cardstock (for coloring with copics) this weekend. Look up CRYOGEN paper and see if it is available in your area. AMAZING stuff!

  23. such a sweet image.Thank You for dropping by my blog and cheering me up with your sweet words.

  24. Wow, really beautiful! Lovin' your colouring! Thanks for linking it up to the Make It Monday party!

    Mary J x


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