Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sympathy card and some Copics

I made this card today, for a friend of mine that lost her mom.
It is hard to make sympathy cards.
I have heard that some people don't think you should make sympathy cards that you should buy them. As they don't think its proper.
I totally disagree with this. Maybe its because I am a creative person and I put my heart and soul into what I do. But my opinion is, it shows the recipient how much you care and think of them. As I was making this card I thought how my friend must be feeling, wishing I could be there for her.
I also think about how I could live my life better, so when its my time to leave this world, I can leave here knowing that I loved the people around me as much and as best I could.
 I received this image in a RAK so I don't know the name of it.
I just think this image is so precious.
 I didn't want this card to be full of embellishments. I wanted the focus to be on the Sentiment and the image.
 Onto My Day:
I didn't clean my scrap/craft room up today. If anything I made a bigger mess :)
Hubby worked this morning and had a blast with his new bulldozer. He even recorded it on his IPhone. He propped it up on some rocks...until a bit of wind blew it over, teehee.
He wanted Kristy and I to go out and visit him. He was going to let me drive it and said he would tape it for my blog :)  I wouldn't trust me on that big thing.

Kristy is getting Ashley's cold, so we didn't go.
But...we did go to Michael's. When I was there yesterday, I asked if they sold Copics (as I had read on 2peas that a few women had seen them there). I was shocked when the sales lady showed me where they were. She had no idea what they were used for though, teehee.
They were charging $6.99 for a marker. That is actually the cheapest in town.
But I never buy anything from Michael's with out a coupon.
So this morning, Kristy, Ashley and I went, with 50% coupons in hand and we each bought one.
You see here I have more then 3 markers.
Well when I told Hubby about this, he wanted to help me get some more ;)
So when Hubby and Heather came home from work, I printed off some more coupons. So Heather, Kristy, Wayne and I all bought one colour each :)
Guess where I am going with the family tomorrow, lol.
At $3.94 (taxes included) I will be going back.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.
Oh ya, that Zombie photo I showed you yesterday is a note book. Oh how neat would it be if they had paper like this :)



  1. Tracy
    I think your card is beautiful and your friend will cherish that and the thought that you care enough to put a lot of time and love into it.
    Store bought doesn't have nearly the personality home made does, and especially one so beautiful.

  2. Your card is gorgeous, and you know, I totally agree with you. A handmade sympathy card is a beautiful gesture. I don't get why some one would think that was inappropriate?

    I wonder how long before Michael's changes their policy on coupons being used for know, like they do for other stuff. (i.e., Cricut stuff)

  3. Great deal on the copics! Love the ribbon and sentiment on your card!

  4. What a beautiful card! Your friend will love it and it is made even more special because you took the time to create it. I'm with Marlene in that it astounds me that people would have that way of thinking. Crazy!

    Awesome deal on the Copics. I have to drive a half hour to get to my nearest Michaels, so I do not make it there very often. I'll have to be sure to have a coupon to I can buy up some markers. Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are gorgeous cards, and I am sure that whoever gets them will love them. I have struggled with making sympathy cards because when I make cards they tend to be bright and cheerful, which is not necessarily right for a sympathy card. But these angels look so comforting.

  6. That card is lovely, and certainly reflects your heart-felt message. And I had to smile at your little band of coupon conspirators!

  7. I think a handmade gift is almost always more thoughtful than a something store bought. Your lovely sympathy card shows love and support which is the best you can give when someone suffers a loss.

    Yeah for coupons!

  8. Beautiful card, Tracy! Great deal on your Copics -- didn't know Michaels sold them.

  9. I agree Tracy, I think a handmade sympathy card is so much nicer then a bought one and is more thoughtful. The one you did is so precious and will help your friend with her loss.
    I love how you can use coupons to get discounts that is one thing we are missing here, we get sales every now and then but nothing like using a 50% off coupon when you can, that is awesome. I could have used that on my big scrapbooking shopping I did on holidays, although to be fair both of the stores I found did throw in some freebies for me because of how muich i spent so that was a nice little bonus. I must take a pic for my blog of what I bought as it is still in bags.

    Take care and enjoy. Wendy xx

  10. Lovely card, I'm sure your friend will cherish it.

  11. Oh Tracy, I agree with you -
    a handcrafted sympathy card is extra special for so many reasons. You are thinking of that person while making it, and that extra bit of care means a lot to the recipient.
    Your card is so lovely. I know that your friend will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

  12. How can a hand-crafted sympathy card be inappropriate? Showing you care is always appropriate! Your imgae looks like a Precious Moments image. It nice to know that someone is looking out for you. Woohoo on the copics! Seriously, the $6+ price point is the cheapest? Yay for the M coupons and making a bargain-LOVE that!

  13. Your card is beautiful and i think anyone that i know would be honored to receive this. Thanks for the advice on the copics hoping to find them here at Micheal's. Must go look tomorrow. What is RAK?

  14. Your card is very sentimental and I'm sure your friend will appreciate it! I don't think there's anything wrong with any kind of handcrafted cards for whatever occasions! :)

  15. Fantastic card Tracy, love the image. It's a fabulous design. I love the colours of your copics too.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  16. The card and image are beautiful! I bet your friend will appreciate a home-made card more than a store boughten one - especially when she's hurting now.

  17. I think that card is perfect and I always make sympathy cards too. I would LOVE a video of you on Wayne's bulldozer! Hahaha! That's so awesome about the Copics, what a deal!

  18. I wish! I could get them for that price. Heck I think it would be cheaper for me to have you ship them even!!!! LOL
    I gotta talk to my Michaels but it is what corp. wants each store to have. Stupid if ya ask me. Ask the customers what they want and get it.

  19. Hi Tracy,
    Super cute sweet. TFS! ~Shen


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