Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A winning, tutorial and an adventure

Busy, busy day today.....but I forgot my camera :(
So I will share the flower tutorial I was going to post a few days ago.

But before we get to that, I want to thank Nicole at Canadian Nickel. I won a tarot reading from her blog, how fun is this going to be :)   I just went to her blog to check on her awesome cards, then she notifies me that I won :)
Nicole got me hooked on colouring with Stampn' Up markers.
Marlene got me hooked on colouring with Copics. Those two enablers. LOL. They are both Masters in my book.

Now onto my Tutorial
I love to make me own embellishments. I don't even know why I purchase a lot of my embellishments.
 Today I will show you how to make one of these rolled flowers.
There are a lot of tutorials on the net for these.
But I received one made by Marie Claire and used it on a tag I made.
We were at my SIL's camp so had to figure out how to make it by just looking at it.
First I punched some card stock with my scallop circle punch.
 Then I cut out a wobbly spiral circle. I did cut it like this on purpose :)
 Then starting at the outer edge of the spiral, you roll the paper between your fingers. You keep rolling it on itself until you hit the center.
 When you get to the center just let it sit so it relaxes a bit. Then put a nice bit of glue on the center circle and press it to the bottom of the flower.
 Now lightly grasp the top and the bottom of the flower until the glue sets.
 Now look at your cute little flower, isn't it pretty.
You can make these any size you want.
The one that Marie Claire made was made with a circle, not a scallop circle. So either way you get a beautiful flower :)
Onto My Day:
I had a blast today.
My SIL, Sharon, Heather, Kristy (yes I let her skip for this adventure :)  and I crossed the border into the States to pick up some parcels my daughters ordered.
We went for lunch at the casino. Man that Hamburger and onion rings were delish. I was so hungry, I wanted to eat the next tables leftovers.  They all thought that was funny and kept joking on how I would go up to the guy and ask him if he had any contagious diseases, then take his plate and eat the contents.
Ya we get silly when we are together.

We went to the corner store to pick up a pop. When we were leaving, I stood in front of the height thingy ( the ones they have so see how tall the robbers are)  to see how tall it said I was.
It showed that I was 5' 1".  I am 4'10".  So I told Sharon, hey I could steal this pop and they would never find me because they would be looking for a tall person.   Well she bust a gut on that one.
Bummer, I forgot my camera at home. Because believe you me, I would have got her to take a photo of that one :)

Hope you had a creative Wednesday.



  1. Wow.. Did some kind of angel send you to my rescue, or what? I was just making out an order, and really didn't want to spend more than a certain amount. Still I was hemming and hawing over punches or dies for specifically ROSES! I actually HAVE the scallop circle punch, so I can DO THESE, and still keep within my budget now! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (and my checkbook thanks you!) Glad to hear what a great day you had! ~tina

  2. SHUT THE FRONT that how you make those flowers. So stunning! I have that punch too:) WOOHOO! Oh and did you notice I commented before Marlene! Sorry to be an enabler)

  3. Sounds like you had a pretty good day.
    I did too, although I worked my buns off at work.
    Love your rose tutorial--they are so pretty.


  4. I love these flowers! I have a hard time getting them to stick, I will try white glue rather than the glue dots; maybe the edge does not always catch the stickiness.

  5. Boy those flowers really do look easy to make - but alas....I am too lazy!

  6. oh thanks for the awesome tutorial. i just might have to make one of these and put use it on a future card!! thanks

  7. Oh now I DEFINITELY need a scallop punch!!!!

    Sounds like a fun trip & so funny on the height!

  8. Oh but wait - on that bigger one, it's not scalloped or round. Did you cut the petal shapes afterward?

  9. Ooohhhh, luuuuving those flowers! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :) Sounds like you had a great day! I was smiling and laughing the whole time I read your post! :)

  10. The flowers are really pretty! I still doubt that I will ever make any, or at least not more than one. I'm kinda ADD that way. Once I've done it, I'm over it, move on. LOL! Pretty much that way with cleaning house too. *snort!*

    And I will say that there ain't nuttin better than a really good burger & real onion rings to make my mouth water.

    Since you're taller now (snicker...), you're only am inch shorter than me! ;-)

  11. These are seriously fabulous! I love them!

  12. Gorgeous flowers! I've seen these made before but I've never tried it. I have a similar punch too, guess I need to give it a try. But now I'm hungry...pop, onion rings....sounds yummy! :)

  13. Sounds like tons of fun! Great flower tuts!

  14. Great tutorial, Tracy - I love to make my own embellishments, too! The only scallop die I have is a Nestabilities one, but I think it'll work. Burgers & fries -- yum!

  15. Love the flowers. Can't wait to give it a try. Sounds like a fun day yesterday. I think those measure things are always a little wonky.

  16. Thanks for the tutorial, I haven't made those kind of flowers yet and really want to! Your day sounds like a blast!

  17. Cute flowers! I'm actually trying to learn to make flat embellishments again since of suddenly want to scrapbook again instead of altering things. Ah the waves of a fickle mind, lol.

    Too bad you didn't have your camera that would have made a really great picture! I think I would have liked a picture of the hamberger too and now I'm craving one!

  18. Seems like you had a great day! I'll have to did that flower tutorial a try! They came out beautiful.

  19. great tutorial!! thanks for sharing!

  20. Thanks for the tutorial! You make it look so easy! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Love the flower tutorial! Thanks!

  22. love the tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  23. South of the border for package eh?? lol!! LOVE your step by step flower tutorial!

  24. Oh I made one Tracy! It's not as pretty as yours, but it's passable! Also, I figured out that SOMEWHERE I already have a scallop punch, I just need to find it. I know this because I pulled out the pink paper & it had been punched already with a scallop punch long enough ago that I forgot I had it! Shows you how much I use pink! :-)

  25. Great! thanks for showing us how to make this cute rose.


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