Thursday, August 18, 2011

HeArt Journal Challenge 4th Week and a Thankful Thursday

Here are my pages for the Greeting Farm He-Art Journal.
Assignment: Create a spread or a page using the concept of hand-drawn girls. I want you to actually draw a character in your book!!! It can be sketchy, cartoony, realistic, or even stick figures.

Now I misread this and thought we had to do a self portrait.
Ya, I know this isn't even close to being a self portrait. I know where are the wrinkles, lol.
I tried to get my artist daughter Heather to draw it for me but she wouldn't do it.
I wrote a bit about me when I was a young girl. I was surprised at how the words seemed to flow.
This is not how I pictured it would turn out.
I wanted my arms to surround my family and friends and all the things that make me, me.
But with my limited drawing skills and this seemed to just come out of know where. I like how it turned out.
Here is a close up of my self portrait. Brave aren't I, showing a close up.
I coloured them with my Copics.
In real life my eyes aren't uneven, my nose is bigger and my boobs are the same size, lol.
So there you have it...My art journal pages.

Thankful Thursday:
That I think I am finally getting out of my life funk.
My family and I are going away on a family trip.
Hubby phoning me just to chat while he was at work.
Listening to Kristy and her friends laughing together.
Another beautiful day.

What are you thankful for today?



  1. Great project, it is so great to look back and be thankful.

    Been loving all the cards you have been posting lately.

    Also dove into the world of Copics. 43 now, 100's to go, lol

    Beau - some reason can't leave a comment under my name

  2. You did pretty darn good with your drawing---in fact I would say it is awesome!!!!
    Mine would have been stick figures.
    Sounds like you are getting ready to head my way.
    Days are in the 80's, with nights cooling off quickly.

  3. nice drawing. And what a great idea to make such an art journal page!

  4. wow this is sooo cool. u did such an awesome job on you art journal

  5. You do such amazing things with your copics! Really makes me want to try them.

    I dunno on the boobs though. A friend of mine told me that boobs are never the same size. One is always bigger. But I think mine look pretty even, so who knows.

  6. Wonderful job on your self portrait!

  7. I think your drawing is amazing! Great page.

  8. Wow! You did an awesome job!!! I think your drawing skills are really good!!!! I also like what you wrote, you are such a cool person Tracy :) So grateful for the internet and blogging and getting to know you :)

  9. Wow - that looks amazing compared to the stick figures I draw! :) I think it looks great and I love how you colored her. The journaling is great. Summer is no time to be in a funk - glad you are looking forward to your trip! Have a great weekend.

  10. Great pages1 Your drawing is fantastic!

  11. Your drawing is really good. I know I can't draw that well. I specialize in stick figures!

  12. LOOOOOVE your drawing! You SO can draw!

  13. Great job, Tracy! I love your drawing!

  14. Tracy, it it beautiful! Great work!

  15. You said you can't draw...I think you can, that came out great!

  16. Tracy! You are an artist! Love the way the portrait came out...and your comparison of it to self! What a great journal page! -Amanda

  17. Your drawing turned out fab- and we don't need those wrinkles! :0)

  18. Are you kidding, you can't draw? It definitely looks like some of the art journal stamps sold out there only better. I think it came out great.


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