Thursday, August 11, 2011

Card in honour of my dad.

I am home from my awesome get away with my friend Debbie.
Even though I had a awful cold the whole time, I really enjoyed myself.
I thought my throat was sore from the hint of smoke from the wild fires from last weekend, but I was wrong.
I have no voice..let me rephrase that. I have a voice that goes from squeaky to gruff in seconds. My girls tell me not to talk and let my voice rest. Seriously me not they not know me at all, lol.

I am sharing this card tonight in honour of one of my dad's favourite movies.
"A River Runs Through it" My dad loved that movie. I didn't realize it took place in Montana. Maybe that is another reason he loved Montana so much. My dad was born in Scotland but wants his ashes to be spread in Montana. That is the reason for our trip in a couple of weeks.
It has been exactly 1 year today since my dad passed away and I still miss his many daily phone calls.

Onto My card.
Can you believe this is my only boy image!!!
He is a cutie though isn't he.
 Here is a close up of the colouring.
I used my Copics for this one. And I actually recorded the colours I used on him. 1st time I did that.
 I have a few stamps of benches for my sitting Magnolia stamps.
But for this one I wanted him on a rock. How many benches do you find by the fishing hole?
So I drew (badly) some rocks out of this pattern paper, outlined them with a copic marker and layered them on top of each other. I am happy with how they turned out.
 This sentiment is so perfect.
When I was making my cards, my friend Debbie told me that she wants to decorate her scrap room (when she gets it done) with my cards. So she thinks I should make her a card once a week to help her with her goal. First she said one card a day, then I guess she thought she was asking to much, lol.
That put a smile on my face.

Question for all you Copic lovers. I have a few Copic markers ;)
I almost feel guilty though. Debbie wasn't familiar with these markers at all, until she saw mine.
She was surprised when she saw how many I had. Then out of curiosity she asked about how much each marker cost.
I didn't want to tell her knowing how much money I have put into these.
Then she mentioned about her and her hubby just buying a new fishing boat. And she weighed her options.... boat or markers. She picked the boat...I thought only for a second and realized I would have still picked the markers, teehee.
I am happy that I have them, I can afford them, I use them all the time, but I know others would think I was crazy to have as many as I do.
Do you ever feel shameful of any of your purchases?

Hope you all had a wonderful Thursday.



  1. aw, sweetie, it is so hard. I love your card and I know your dad would have too. Your coloring is perfect and I don't know how you do it.
    When you get to Montana you will see exactly why he loved it so. It even smells good. NO kidding. make sure you pack good jackets and long sleeved stuff too. We have had snow in July and August before. yep, ya never know. Take all season clothing. It gets pretty windy at times too.

  2. Your Dad liked beautiful places, Scotland is a gorgeous place, the views are breathtaking.
    You must miss your Dad so much, and today will be emotional for you, sending big hugs.

    I love your card and those rocks are fab Tracy. Wonderful colouring too.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. This is really a pretty card! What a wonderful way to remember your dad.

  4. oh my!!!!!! this card is just sooooo cute. Your coloring is fab!!!

  5. Oh, so cute! I love that image and it's such a beautiful way to remember your Dad. I love the coloring and the scene you created. It's perfect! Hope your voice returns to normal so you don't strain too much. :)

  6. Fantastic card! Your rocks turned out great. The only purchase I feel badly about is my expression. I desperately wanted it for over a year. But I think I have used maybe 6 times since I got it two years ago. I keep thinking that eventually I will use it but it just never happens.

  7. Love the layering. What a sweet care in honor of your dad. Sorry you're not feeling well. I am just getting over a summer cold too!

  8. Tracy, this is just a great card...the rocks look perfect! I think I might have to invest in some of the Magnolia stamps! Beautiful card!

  9. Oh, and another thing -- I am so happy you are going to Montana for your dad's final journey.

  10. Talk about some fussy cutting for your little fellow! Lovely card for remembering your dad....

  11. I love your card Tracy! I love the rocks you made which are... perfect! S:o) What a great way to remember your dad!

    As for my spending... ironically I just had a moment this week. I discovered that I have almost 120 copic markers!!! I think you can imagine how much that would be...!!! Would I trade it for a boat or a trip or something else?! I don't think I would or could... this little crafty world we're in is such a creative outlet for me that I cannot imagine not being able to create! The only purchase I regret is the same as Steph's comment. In fact my hubs bought me the original 6x13 cricut for christmas a few years ago because I raved about it so much! I too have only used it a couple of times. I have many reasons why I'm not crazy about it!

    Wishing you a safe trip to Montana!

  12. I would be living in a constant state of guilt if I was shameful of my purchases. I'm a compulsive and impulsive buyer and I have taught myself to "window shop" and wait for things now. And it helps immensely. Now that I'm not buying (although I did buy a couple of things today) I'm using stuff that I already have and that isn't just for craft things.

  13. Welcome back! Good to hear you had a good time. Love the card, very cute little boy stamp :0) I love that movie too. I actually have it on a VHS cassette instead of DVD :0) Good movie! I don't feel too shameful when I shop because I feel when I do it's because I deserve it :0) hee hee. Have a great weekend my friend! Hugs!

  14. Tracy, what a beautiful card in honor of your dad. Reading about him and the trip you're taking to Montana brought tears to my eyes.

    I'm glad you had fun on your trip, even though you didn't feel well. As for feeling shameful about my purchases...NEVER! LOL! I'm pretty smart about what I buy. I try to buy only what I know I'll use and things that I can get several uses out of. Besides, I get such great enjoyment out of this hobby, it always brings a smile to my face and how can that make you feel bad?

  15. I'd only feel shameful of my purchases if I didn't use them. If you're enjoying and using your copics, there is no shame!

    Your card is gorgeous...and what a wonderful tribute to your dad. I also loved that movie...and Montana is a place I want to visit some day. You'll have to fill me in when you return. P.S. Take care of yourself! xoxo

  16. This is such a sweet card Tracy! And as far as how much you spend on the markers, I wouldn't worry about it. Everyone has splurges on something & they're not fattening! ;^)

    I'm sure it's not easy for you not having your dad around anymore. At least you can do something that will help you connect with him in heart. I know it will be special!

  17. Lovely card in honor of your dad .
    Sorry to hear you are sick with a cold. Feel better soon!
    You will love your visit here. Pea is right about warm clothes, The days can be quite hot but the nights cool right down and make it very comfortable for sleeping. The year that movie was filmed we had friends get married right where some of the movie was filmed. There is such vast landscape here-they call it the last best place!


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