Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chicken in a Pocket

One of Ashley's co-workers/friends, Janus, just came back from Hong Kong. She lived there and then came here to Canada for school. Well she had just came back from visiting her family and friends there.
She brought back Ashley a beautiful dress and an Ipod cover (for her birthday).
She had also brought back her co-workers some of this. It is a chicken wing in a pocket.
Ashley knew that we would find this interesting, so she brought one home for us to try.
 Ashley opening the wrapper.
 Tadaaa....here it is.
Its congealed
We all had a bite. You know, it tasted like smoked chicken.
We ate it cold, it should have been warmed up first.
I worked most of the day.
I did some running around as well.

Oh ya, funny story:
Last night at about 5:00am, it was dark in the room, but I could see a bit of light around the blinds of the window in our bedroom.
I noticed that the window was on the wrong side of the room. I was disoriented.
I thought I was having a stroke or something.
Then I felt the bed beside me, Yup Hubby was there.
That woke him up. "Whats the matter?"
I asked him "Are we at home?"
"Yes" he answered.
With us up at camp the window is beside me. At home it is by Wayne's side of the bed.
LOL, I forgot I was at home.

At least it wasn't as bad as when Hubby forgot we were at camp and got lost in the bedroom.
I woke up to him saying "Hey Trace, could you turn on the light. I have to pee (he didn't say that exactly, lol) and can't find the door"
LOL. He was facing the wall by the closet when I turned on the light.
I kept laughing the rest of the night.

Hope you all had a creative day, I hope to get one soon :)



  1. I love trying food from other countries! The differences can seem so strange.

  2. Food from other countries is always so much fun to check out! That was nice of Ashley's friend to bring her those gifts too! I'm laughing that you refer to 5AM as the night, I get up at that time for work ;) Lol! I hope you get a creative day in soon too, my friend, you need to play with all your goodies from your trip!

  3. Interesting chicken in a bag. Sounds interesting. I worked all day too, so no creating.. Hope you are having a great week, Tracy.

  4. I'm not sure I could eat the chicken in the bag. It looks interesting......but, I'll stick to the non-congealed type. LOL :)

  5. Waking up disoriented is the worst. I always seem to do that after a long vacation when I come home super tired.

  6. The chicken in the bag looks interesting, and I would definitely try it! Have a great day!

  7. You are brave trying the chicken in the bag! I don't know that I would have been that brave :)

  8. That chicken in a bag looks...interesting. Not sure I'd have the courage to try it. haha

    Your story made me laugh. When I was younger we had a big van and we'd use it to go camping. One night we were off the road and in 'bed' when my brother suddenly said he couldn't see and my dad replied it was because it was dark outside and my brother said 'oh' then went back to sleep. Sometimes it's hard not to be disorientated when you're sleeping away from home.

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  10. I would have needed the chicken warmed up first before I tried it, but I would have ate a bite. Kinda interesting that it's pkg'd. that way.

    I think it's funny that you and Wayne both got disoriented in the middle of the night, just at different places. It's so odd feeling when it happens though, but a relief when you realize where you really are. LOL!

  11. LOL! At least he did not pee in the closet! Foods from other countries are always fun (although sometimes gross). When I was in college we had a guy from the Phillipines who was so excited to get fermented eggs from home for his birthday. They had stinky, little baby fermented birds inside, so we passed and left all the yummy goodness for him. Lumpia (Phillipine spring rolls) on the other hand...mmmmm... -Amanda

  12. Uh, ew! You brave souls taking a taste even after seeing it's congealed contents!

  13. Are you SURE that's chicken?!! LOL!!!

  14. Chicken wing in a bag = gross. I can't believe how little the package was. I wonder if they put them in little vending machines next to little packets of fish eyeballs in broth to go.

  15. love that story! I remember doing the same thing at our cabin. I hate that feeling when you wake up and for a split second you realize you are not at home (and can't remember why!)


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