Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 7 Minneapolis MN

I feel so special today..look they names an Avenue after me, teehee.
 I have been looking for these all over the States. I couldn't find them last time I was here.
They are my favourite snack. Good thing I can't find them in Canada.
Hubby found these at a gas station. The only thing is, these ones have cinnamon in them, so I don't like them as much.
But at Target we found them without the cinnamon, just the caramel. So I bought 2 bags :)    I am planning on giving one to my BIL, Jim. He loves caramel corn. I am sure he will enjoy these as well.
If they last till we get home ;)
 You may ask, Are you tired of shopping yet? My answer Never. lol.
But when I get home I may have to reorganize my scrap/craft a bigger one :)
We went to Scrapbooks Too.
Got some Magnolia stamps. These stamps are hard to find. So when I see them I grab them as they are so cute.  Yes!!!! I got some more copics. 12 of them actually. It was buy 3 get one free, so if you think about it they were cheaper then full price or I got 3 free :) Sounds like a deal to me.
 Ran into Michael's.
Those Halloween stamps are to cute, plus I can colour them.
I have a couple Halloween mini album swaps I am in. One is with a young girl so I think these would be perfect for hers.
Seriously how fun are those hologram stickers on the right. I have never seen them before.
 Then we went to Joann's. I love JoAnns, they took my Michael's coupons, and not just one of them, but all 4 of them. I called Hubby over to use one, but she said I could use them all at once :)
 These treasures are also from JoAnns.
Isn't that cherry blossom branch just beautiful.
 Then we went to Archivers. Not the one in Mall of America (that is for tomorrow).
I love the stamp of that Gothic girl, and the headstone stamps are to cute. I don't make Halloween cards, but I may just for the fun of it, and to justify these purchases, lol.
I think Cabela's needs to rethink their displays. LOL

"Hey mommy can I shoot dad?"
"What was that dear, mommy is trying to see how fashionable I look in these camo's"
 Here is another angle, look at the little boys smile. LOL.
Yes we had to go to Cabela's. That is Wayne's favourite store.
He puts up with my scrapbooking stores with a smile on his face. Plus I get fudge out of the deal :)
I wish there were more stores like this for him, it just doesn't seem very fair.
We found out today that Wayne's dad and his wife lost their cat. Molly seemed fine, but they noticed that her litter box was empty. So took her to the vet, thinking she was just constipated.
They were shocked when they were told that Molly had a large mass in her, they operated and found out it was cancer. So sad. They said she was playing the night before.
I phoned them when we got to the hotel. Hugs to them both.

Since the internet hasn't kicked out on my yet. I think I will try and visit some of your blogs. Then if I am still awake I may work on my Smash book.
Hope you all had a creative Friday



  1. looks like anohter great day of shopping!

  2. You have been a busy shopping girl. Lots of cool goodies to play with when you get home.
    Curtis enjoys Cabelas too.
    Sorry to hear about the kitty. Pets are just part of our families and it is hard to lose them too.

  3. So jealous of all your yummy Halloween goodies! I was in Reno NV the other day and there was a Cabelas right up from us. Now I know what it is. I'm heading back to Canada today...18 days in the US! I'm ready! OH and need to find the drippy goo, it's my FAV!

  4. Wow lots of goodies! I don't know why I get so excited to see what other people have bought. I think I still have you beat though. I have so many packages coming I have forgotten what I ordered! I went to AC Moore last night with the kids and I did abstain from buying anything crafty for me. We needed lots of entertainment for during the hurricane so I bought tons of stuff for them to do. I did buy some glitter foam sheets that can be used in my Pazzles to cut out stickers for them to decorate a wizards hat and a princess crown so I do get a tiny bit out of it.

    The shot of the little boy with the rifle is too stinkin' funny. Someone had to have a sense of humor when they set that display up.

  5. I am loving all of the goodies you are picking up, so many stamps! Great finds for you! How supportive of Wayne for your scrap shopping :0) And you for his outdoor stores :0) Hugs!

  6. Love the shopping haul you got...and yes, you can never shop too much, (that I agree with 100%) Looks like a great time, and I love the pics of Cabela's, my husbands fav store too! :)

  7. Awesome, a man who does not complain about scrapbook shopping. I actually enjoy wandering around Cabela's though not to often.
    It's fun to see your new stuff and hear about your trip.

  8. I just got caought up with all your posts! Wow you have been busy girl! Love all your goodies and your pics are great! Its been fun following you on your trip!

  9. all that graphic 45 you found in the stores. LUCKY BUGGER!
    Sorry to hear about molly. Sad for all those that knew her. Love to shop too. It would be bad if we lived closer. LOL have a great trip tomorrow. hugs,pea

  10. The hologram stickers are fab; love the goth girl! Oh MY on the goodies! So fun! My dh would be less understanding, lol! There were oa designer things there that wer so cute, but cannot remember them...

  11. Now I'm in the mood to make some Halloween stuff! You got some amazing things, especially that MS punch. I say I'm going to get it every year! As for Cabela's I figure it is so BIG, it's like 14 scrapbook stores put together, so that's pretty fair, right? LOL

  12. I LOVE that cherry blossom stamp I have it and it's one of my favs. Try flocking the flowers after you have finished coloring them it looks so good that way. Love all your shopping goodies!


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