Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hiking Day and another card

Another card :)
That seems to be the craft of choice, on this creative getaway :) 
Both Debbie and I have been whipping out cards this week.
But I think I have turned Deb to the dark side as she is really enjoying colouring with my Copic markers.
 Isn't this image so adorable ?!?
 I used the Martha Steward deep edge punch for the side of the border on the frame on this card.
I think where I took these photo's it was a bit to bright and washed out the colours a bit.
Onto My Day:
When we woke up we made a card or two.
Then we went for a 2 1/2 hour hike up the mountain.
And when I say hike, I mean HIKE. When I say up the mountain, I mean UP the MOUNTAIN, lol.
See that rope? It is for you hold on to as you climb up the rocks :)
 Here is my friend Debbie with her snake killing rock, lol.
She always makes me be the leader of our hikes. Well I missed the snake by the trail and it slithered across her foot. She screamed.....I laughed.
 This is half way up our hike.
We do more then one trail, actually we usually do every trail.
 This is the trail, lol. Now you know why Debbie gets me to go break the trail.
Actually we couldn't do all the trails this year. We were going down one trail (not this one as you can tell its a trail.....slightly) and it just ended. We walked around looking for the rest of the trail, but couldn't find it. We didn't want to have a rescue team come looking for us so we turned around.
Hummmm maybe we should have rethought that, some of those rescue guys are hot, lol.
 Here I am getting my fat arse over a fallen tree. One of many.
After our hike, we had lunch, showers and later on another hot tub.
Spent the rest of the evening making cards, chatting and nourishing our bodies with taco's, cheese, salsa and sour cream, teehee.

I ended up making 13 cards. I know bad number to end with, but I was a bit tired at 3:30am to make another one.
I am going to share a card a day ;)  See you have to come back, teehee.



  1. This is such a cute card. Love the image. Looks like some beautiful hiking trails.

  2. Wow! What a hike! That looks like an adventure.

  3. Woah! That looks like so much fun, but scary!!

    Love the card! I've never seen that border punch before. It's beautiful!

  4. You look as though you are having so much fun!!! (Except for the snake Your coloring just keeps getting better all the time. You have no idea how impressed I am!

  5. I sure will come back to check out your cards.
    Love the one you made.
    Looks like you are having fun week.
    It sure is looking green wherever you are.
    I would have screamed if thee was a snake going over my feet. We have rattlers out here and you don't want to meet up with one of those.

  6. Now that's what I call a hike!! Looks like a fun time!

    You might want to be careful converting too many people over to your dark side of the Copic world. That might mean fewer color choices available for you later! ;^) I really commend you for getting 13 cards done! I don't think I get that many made in 6 months!

  7. Oh man, now I see another punch I think I need! You know I've been on a punch kick lately! That mountain/hike looks crazy! I'm glad you're having fun and now I want tacos. Ha!

  8. That image is super cute and your card is so fabulous. Enjoying seeing your card makes and your colouring, it's superb Tracy.

    Now I know why I live in England, snakes OMG I would have died, although the hikes and the views look great.

    Be Careful and Take Care!!!!!!!!
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  9. My goodness! Quite a hike! I am not sure that I would have the guts to do one that required a rope to climb!


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