Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lost Blogger

I had lost my blog!!!
Last night after I posted my blog post, I couldn't get on any other blogs.
When I tried to sign in, I couldn't. So I thought it was just a glitch.
Then this morning I couldn't sign in again. They asked for my cell number to give me a verification number.
I was really leery about this, but it was the only way.
After I put in the verification number I was able to sign in.
Then I checked my blog and it was gone!!!!!!
It was disabled.
I then get a text from hubby telling me that my blog is gone.
Then Dena gives me a YouTube message that my blog is gone.
Then I panic.
Is Tracy's Treasures Lost in the cyber world?

I LOVE my blog. I put my heart and soul into my blog.
I have almost 2 years invested in my blog, I have documented my family's stories in my blog. My blog is an extension of me.
I text Ashley to tell her about what happened. I was really upset, I mean really upset.
She texts me on and off through out the day to try and help or give me some more suggestions.

I had a lunch date with my friend Debbie, but had an hour to waste before I then. So I went to Michael's, came out with 1 sheet of paper. This just shows how upset I was ;)
As I was in Michael's I get a text from Ashley
"I have an idea! Just don't worry about it mom :) enjoy lunch! I love you"

She almost made me cry with her text.
So when she came home for lunch she went on her Google Reader and started to copy all my posts starting from my very first one. She got a few months done before she had to go back to work. Then Heather continued after she left.
She was so happy when I told her I got my blogger back.
She told me she almost cried when I told her I had lost my blog, because she knew how much I put into it and how much it means to me.
I love my girls.


  1. wow Tracy....thanks God your blog is safe!!!

  2. I'm so happy your blog is back! I know you were worried and it's the weirdest thing that it just disappeared like that! I was cracking up when you said you only bought one sheet of paper at Michael's because that's how upset you were :) You're girls are so sweet! Living without our blogs is NOT something I want to even think about! LOL!

  3. I wonder what really happened to your blog? So glad you are back up and running. Your girls are so sweet, trying so hard to help you out.
    I would be lost without mine. I started it when Cait left for college and it has been part of our communication while she is gone.
    Only one piece of paper????? You certainly were not in your normal frame of mind!

  4. That is so weird! I'm sorry it was acting up for you, but I'm glad everything has been recovered!

  5. Oh, sweet, sweet girls! Soooo glad that they are able to pull it all up....any idea what happened?
    Had to chuckle on being so upset that you were only able to purchase ONE piece pf paper! ;0p

  6. Oh such sweet daughters. So full of heart just like their Momma;)
    Glad to see you are back up and running my friend. I missed today. Tomorrow I will try again. We leave friday earlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  7. I'm so happy and relieved to see your blog up and running again! Welcome back!!

  8. That is pretty wild that your blog was lost in cyberspace! I think I would totally freak too! Glad you got it back and you had your girls to help you out. Sounds like a big task!

  9. Yikes! I would SO panic!!! I'm really glad you got it back!!!!

  10. So glad you are back up and running.

  11. I hope my kids grow up to be like yours. I'm so happy to know your blog is back up and running! Sounds like someone at blogger pushed the wrong button. Dweebs.

  12. Just wouldn't have been the only sad one if your blog was lost! I don't know how else to start my day...a cuppa joe and Tracy's's what get's me to the office in the morning!

  13. Your girls are so sweet! So glad we haven't lost "Tracy's Treasures" forever!

    One piece of paper??? Ugh. :-)


  14. You are so lucky, you have the most amazing daughters!!!

  15. Thank goodness for "finding" your blog!
    Have you notified Blogger?

    Glad that your back -- I so look forward to read your posts!


  16. Thank heavens for techy daughters! I tried to view your blog yesterday and it was gone! I was like "Huh?". I was going to send an email or go to YouTube to ask what was going on. I was hoping it wasn't anything serious. WE NEED YOU! So glad to see it back up and running! :-)

  17. Was it abducted by alients?! Glad your blog is UNlost!

  18. Glad it's back!!! For future reference, you can export your blog, save it so you have a back-up and if it ever disappears again, you can "import" it back in. :)


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