Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Smash Book and a final good bye.

Quick post again as I need to get to bed, as it is an early morning for me again. We are suppose to be on the road at about 6:00am  :(
I promised I would share my version of the Smash book with you.
My photos were playing games with me.
Here is the first page of my book.
The photo below this one was the page before I added journaling.
I did ink the edges and stamp and then add paper to the one side before we left for our trip.
I am planning on finishing a video that I started when I get home about this book.

 Here is the second set of pages after I decorated them but before I embellished them with the things I picked up along the way.
 I am keeping the one page blank to maybe add some photos to it later.
 The next set of pages after I decorated them. I added the Trip tik before I remembered to take the photo ;)
 The finished page. I like to write down the licence plates sayings. I have always done this :)
I think the left hand page is fun as I got to colour it in :)
 Here is the trip tik opened up. It is the green half circle from above. I love to get a trip tik, there is something exciting to know which small town you are getting to.
 The next page. Again I added this perfume sample before I remembered to take the photo.
It smells so good when I open this book up :)
 Here again the finished page.
I am calling Montana the state of the giant grasshoppers. Wow, they sounded like hail hitting the jeep. We ran out of windshield wiper fluid and the gas station was all out. And if you remember, I Hate a dirty windshield. 

Today was a heart wrenching day.
I spread some of my dad's ashes today.
I thought that I would be fine. He passed away a year ago. But after when we were getting into the jeep and driving away, I quietly broke down.
I am full filling my dad's last wishes, I am so grateful that I could do this for him.

With that I will wish you all a wonderful Sunday



  1. My heart goes out to you Ms Tracy! I really was inspired by your looked like a lot of fun:) Your so talented and I appreciate you. I remember the 1st time I came over your blog. I read everything I could and wanted to read more. You know, you have a great talent for writing.....I regret not coming over more and I apologize for that, but know that since the 1st time, every time I journal, I tell myself, I hope that people will read and this and feel like I did when I first read Tracy's...seriously! Anyhow, my condolences to comforted:) Hugs, your friend, Jules:)

  2. Big hugs Tracy. It was a beautiful thing that you did. Think of how happy your father must be right now.

    On a lighter note I just wanted to say that I can't believe how many projects you are able to do at once. That is one talent that I would love to have. My mind works so fast and jumps around so much that so many things either get left behind or never get started. I'm working on that. I just need to DO IT.

  3. Sending comforting thoughts Tracy.


  4. A big hug from me in ohio!!

    your smash journal is amazing! i love it!

  5. Big hugs, Tracy. Just think how happy your dad is, as you have filled his request of coming to Montana.
    I think the grass hoppers must just be in Eastern MT, as I haven't seen many here. but you did bring the heat with you. Almost record heat yesterday.
    Loving your Smash book. You are one talented gal. Always love seeing what you are doing.
    I am working today and tomorrow, so not around until evening.
    Travel safe and enjoy the ride!

  6. PS: If you are driving through Glacier Park and up towards Kalispelland the Flathead Valley, there is a LSS in Columbia Falls. I have never been to it, as we are always visiting family. But I hear it is pretty big.

  7. Consider yourself hugged - goodbyes are never easy.

  8. It's a beautiful thing you did doll. As my mom would have said "You did good kid". You dad is smiling down on you so proud that you honored him just like he wanted. :)

    Now go find ya some wiper fluid and plow down those hungry grasshoppers!

  9. Lots of good thoughts your way.

    Love your smash book. Turned out great!

  10. Love your smash journal pages so far. Is that the date stamp I see on some? hahaha. I'm glad you were able to finally take care of your dad as he'd wanted. When my dad died a little over a year ago some friends of theirs offered to take him up in an airplane to scatter his ashes (he wanted to be scattered over the woods near where they lived), but one day my mom went out to his favorite spot to take their dogs, said a little prayer and sent him on his way. She said the wind was just right and it's what she wanted to do. <>

  11. Sending hugs your way.

    I like the idea of keeping one journal for traveling. Yours looks great! And I like that it easy for you to document while on the road.

  12. Love the idea of your travel journal - you did a great job. I know how you must be feeling regarding your dad's ashes. It has been a year and a half since my sister died and I still haven't spread any of her ashes yet. Hugs to you!

  13. *cyber hug* Grief is such a tricky thing, you never know when it will hit. Ironically, DH is in Montana this week on travel, but in the west where they don't have dino sized grashoppers.Love the smash book! It is great. I definately need to consider it for my next trip! -Amanda

  14. You are a wonderful daughter fulfilling your father's wishes. Hugs to you!

  15. What a difficult thing to do, but I'm sure your father is proud of you for fulfilling his wishes. Sending hugs your way...!

    Your smash journal is fabulous, Tracy!
    You've inspired me to create one of my own!

  16. (hugs) on fulfilling your dad's request....

    Ew on the grasshoppers. We seem to have quite a few here this year, but not Dino-sized ones!

  17. Tracy, I was wondering how this day would be for you. I'm so glad you were able to do this for your dad and that Wayne and the girls were able to be there with you too. A great big hug from me to you! :)

    Your journal looks amazing, I wouldn't expect anything less!

  18. Tracy, I know how hard it is, even after so much time. My thoughts and heart have been with you during this trip. I hope even though you had a tough moment you have a wonderful memorable trip. yes, we do have some big grasshoppers and the tiniest, cutest chipmunks on the planet. They are no bigger then teeny mice. so stinking cute. Enjoy the Big Sky country and cant' wait to see all the pics.

    Your book looks amazing.You amaze me. Inside and out my friend.

  19. Hugs to you Tracy. It must have been so hard for you, but I'm sure it feels good to do exactly what your Dad wanted you to do. And Montana isn't a bad place to do it! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. I love your smash book. Can't wait to see the video! :)

  20. My heart goes out to you Tracy. I know it had to be difficult to make this trip for this reason, but you did it with grace. It's good to grieve for our lost loved ones. It shows you loved them.

    Now, about that Smash book....I am in awe of that thing! Love the idea of using a perfume sample insert! You almost make me want to go get one now, but that ain't gonna happen. I don't have time for one of those. At least not at this point in my life.

  21. Hugs and prayers to you and your family Tracy. When you get to Havre, scream loudly - I'm 2 hours east of Havre in Cut Bank - you pass through driving from Havre to Glacier Park - just look for the penguin! The store in Columbia Falls (the other side of West Glacier) mentioned in another comment is 6,000 square feet and is called All About Memories. One in Missoula is Memory Lane (I teach there!). I hope you enjoy Montana, although it's gonna be a hot one this week! Jen Chadwick

  22. i think that looks great.. i wish i had the patience and perservenance to make a book like that.

  23. Thinking of you today, Tracy. What a hard thing to do.

  24. Great looking book Tracy! Yuck on the grasshoppers! You should feel really good about what you have done, even though it is very difficult. Some people don't care about others wishes after they are gone, you did a wonderful thing my friend :0) Hugs!


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