Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pixie or a Fairy

I was hoping to show you my challenge for the He-art Journal.
But I am having trouble with the drawing part, lol. How do you draw wrinkles?

Are you getting tired of my cards yet?
I only have a few more to show and then I have to make some more :)
I had so much fun putting this card together.
The background paper has sparkles around the flowers and butterflies.
 Isn't this image so, so cute.
I love fairies. I thought she was a pixie, but I read that pixies don't have wings.
 Just to show the dimension on my card.
Just a quick post tonight. I have to colour my challenge page yet. Well actually I have to do the whole thing.

Today was spent doing laundry, lots of laundry.
I wanted to hang the laundry up outside as it was perfect weather for it.
I don't have a laundry line, but I do have two retractable lines. It looks like a fishing line. When I want to use it, I just pull out the line and hook it on something. Well I usually hook it on our gazebo, our new gazebo isn't as sturdy and kind of moved when I hung the wet towels on it.
So I hooked it up to our lawn swing, that thing didn't move an inch. I think I hung up 5 loads of towels. Crazy eh?

Hope you had a creative day today.



  1. Oh, she is so sweet! So, what is the difference, just not haing wings? :0)

  2. Your cards are getting more and more impressive every time I come here. I REALLY am so very happy you love to color. :)

  3. Such a cute card! I love coming here and seeing all you are creating!

  4. I absolutely love your cards! I wish so bad I had a clothesline. My mom had one when I was growing up. I have fond memories of those clean clothes fluttering in the breeze and the clean smell coming from them. *sigh*

  5. I didn't know if there was a difference between a pixie and a fairy. Your card is cute and feminine.

  6. I love to see your cards and what you have been creating---keep them coming!
    I used to hang my clothes out in the summer until the weather broke my clothes hanger over the winter and I never got a new one. Actually we wanted a sturdier one and never found one. We looked in a couple of places and no luck. I love the smell of clothes that have been hanging outside.
    My older daughter loves fairies too.

  7. Adorable Tracy, I love all your cards....and your copics!!Holy cow Batman, that's alot of markers you got there!! ;) I understand you needing them all!! :D

  8. love your card! that stamp is amazing

  9. LOVE the colors you choose for this card. I have nicknamed Jacob's girlfriend Pixie Girl, and this card has given me lots of ideas. Just what I need...more ideas.

    That's a lot of laundry girlfriend!

  10. wow that stamp is soooo pretty! and the die shape is pretty cool too! another awesome card!

  11. Hi Tracy
    I love your Die Cut shapes you've used, they go perfectly with your fairy. Gorgeous card, and nobody is getting tired of your lovely cards at all.

    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  12. Your card is wonderful! What a perfect die cut for that fairy image! I love it!

  13. Your card is awesome, and no way am I getting sick of them! Lol! I think I could look at them every day! Those nestabilities are so pretty!

    I wish I had a clothes line. Mom and dad have one and the clothes smell so good!

  14. Great shapes on your card!

    Hanging laundry outside sounds nice and your lines sound cool

  15. I would say Pixie, but if Pixies don't have wings then I guess she'd be a fairy. Great card.

  16. I never get tired of your cards, Tracy! Love the pixie fairy and the die shape you used!

  17. Beautiful card! Love the coloring and the flower dies.

  18. I think this is my favorite card yet. Really adorable!

  19. This is such a pretty card and I love the compostion of it as well as that sweet image!
    I have clothes on the line as we speak! LOL!
    Hugs Jeanette

  20. I thought a pixie was just a young fairy. Ya learn somethin new everyday! She's cute on here, whether she's a pixie or a fairy. That SEI paper is one of my favorites. I have some, but refuse to use it. LOL! Oh, and that cool die cut is really unique...I love it!

    ps - THANKS for removing the security text requirement.

  21. This card is georgous♥. Love your colouring and the flower-dies you used♥. Lovely.

    Hugs Marita♫♫

  22. This is adorable Tracy, I wanted to drop by and say thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it, and just wondering where in Ontario do you live.

  23. This card is adorable, Tracy! Fabulous colouring as well! :)


  24. I'm never getting tired of your cards! So pretty!!!!!! I was just busy with school starting. :-)

  25. Beautiful card, the image is so cute.

    I'm going to have to disagree that pixies don't have wings because Tinkerbell is a pixie with pixie dust on hand at all times, and she has wings. Wait maybe she is a fairy that uses pixie dust. Then what is a sprite?


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