Friday, August 19, 2011

Tea Anyone?

Just a quick post as I am suppose to be packing, as we are heading out for Montana early in the morning.
We are planning to go as far as Fargo ND. 
So I thought I would pop in and share a card I made.
I made on my girls get away with my friend Debbie.
The background paper has sparkle on the flowers. 
I just love this stamp.
I of course coloured her with my Copics.
I am throwing together a Smash book for our trip. I won a Smash book on Youtube last month, but haven't received it yet, so I decided to make my own for this trip. I have 3 composition note books for the girls. Ashley didn't want hers decorated, she may change her mind after she sees mine ;)
Heather and Kristy said they didn't want one, but I am bringing them anyway as they may change their minds once they see Ashley and I playing in ours.

I have to pack my clothes and such.
Plus I have to figure out what to bring to do.
If you are like me, you can't go anywhere without some type of craft in tote.
I wanted to bring my Copics, but hubby doesn't think there will be enough room. So I am going to bring my Stampin' Up markers. That way I can colour some images and also use them in my Smash book.
I will also bring a novel or two, a couple of magazines and a note pad.
I hope that is enough :)
Wayne calls me a bag lady, as I always bring so many tote bags in the jeep when we travel :)
I feel naked if I don't have more then one project with me at all times.

Are you like that? Do you need to have your creative projects with you when you travel?



  1. Ooo, post any of the books when they get done! Your girl on your card looks great!
    Have a safe trip! Projects for me while traveling are books! :0)

  2. Cant wait to see your version of the smash book.. I hope you will share! I am like you and need something creative to do while I travel. I always bring one bag of my scrappy stuff and lots of magazines and other books. I am not a good passenger, I usually have my nose stuck in a book or I am sleeping! Boring!
    Have a fun and safe trip Tracy!

  3. Cute little card and I would love a cup of tea(actually I have one at the computer with me) I am a tea granny-bet you could of guessed that one.
    Can't wait to see your finished smash book.
    Travel safe, enjoy Montana and if you get any where near Great Falls(like with in 1oo miles) Give me a call--love to jump in the car to meet a fellow Cdn. 406 453-6115(H) 406 788-3692(C)

  4. this is soooo adorable, great coloring...hope your weekend is awesome!

    enjoy *~*

  5. Such a cute card! Have an awesome time on your trip! Be safe :0) Hugs!!!!

  6. oh my this is soooooo cute! i love it!

    have a great weekend!

  7. Love that background paper on the card, so pretty!

    I ALWAYS take a crafty project when we travel. I take crafty things for the girls too. I would rather be over prepared than under prepared, right? Have a safe trip!

  8. Aaaah! If only I could have a cup of tea that big, LOL!
    I don't take vacations or travel but if I did I think I would love to have my scrap goodies with me.

  9. I was going to bring along an embroidery project when we went camping. I also brought 2 books and 3 magazines + a newspaper. I read one article in one of the magazines. That was it! Oh well... Have a safe trip! :-)

  10. Cute card. I love that image. It would make a great "get well soon" card.

    Hope your trip goes well, I know it will be a little bittersweet for you.

  11. What a fun idea to bring a Smash book with you!

  12. Cute card - she is just precious!

  13. This is so stinking adorable!


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