Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Day 4 Lewis and Clark Caverns

Now I know why I am confused on the days. My blog posts (besides missing some because of hotel internet) don't match my smash book days. I am always a day or 2 behind. I am always a day late, but never a dollar short ;)
Here is part of my pages for Day 3.
I made a pocket to put my post cards in. I bought some beautiful post cards along the way. I wanted to put them in the book so I could still read the backs of them. On the back of them I have journaling about things that have happened during this trip, or funny things my family says.
 Here is the page undone. Oh I didn't have white out to fix my mistake, I will get to it when we get home.
 When we went shopping, Victoria Secret had these wrist tassels (hubby wanted me to get 2 of them, but he called them a different name, lol). What they are really for is to spray your favourite scent on. So I did that and then attached it to my spiral rings.
I may not have the nicest smash book, but I will have the nicest smelling ;)
 Remember the fire from yesterday's post.
Well when we left the hotel to get to the next part of our trip, this is what it looked like. You can see the flames still burning.
 Today we went to Lewis & Clark Caverns.
Here is the scene before you get there.
I took this picture out of the moving jeep. Look at the reflection in the water, beautiful. See I get a good shot in once in a while :)
 These photos are Wayne's.
They are from inside the caverns. I loved this part of the trip, it was so cool being down there. Our guide had a few funny stories along the way.
Our tour started at 10:00. We had to walk 3/4 miles straight up the mountain.
Poor Wayne he was huffing and puffing, and had to sit quite a bit. But as he pointed out to me, He wasn't the last one to the top. He has been having a bit of problems with his alergies (asthma) durning this trip. I think its from all the farms. Plus when we got into the caves, he was coughing. I told him it was from either the dampness, or the bat droppings.
 Here is another photo Wayne took.
There were some pretty tight spots in here. Sometimes there is an advantage of being tiny, lol.
 Have you ever been in a foul mood where everything irks you?
This was me when we got to the hotel.
First the hotel is across (the dug up road) from the lobby.
We have outside stairs to get up to our 2nd floor rooms.
Bathroom floor has hair on it....not going to go into detail on this one.
Outside view is of a dumpster.
One ply toilet paper. For the price I am paying for these 2 rooms, you think they could have splurged on some 2 ply.
Internet works for everyone, but me.
K Mart doesn't carry craft supplies. And is the only store in town open.

But then we went out for supper at Perkins. I had their shrimp alfrado and loved it.
Then when we came back, I finally got some internet for a couple of 1/2 hour intervils. Went on Facebook and my SIL, Darlene (Wayne's sister, who is also married to my brother) chatted with me and told me how my mom and dad would be so proud of me and how amazing Wayne and I are for doing this.
My heart swelled with love. I am just amazed at the outpour of love I get. I am such a lucky person.

Today was the last errand I will ever do for my dad.
I spread the last of his ashes today, overlooking a beautiful mountain.
Afterward, I was fine at first then I realized, Thats it, I'm done, its final. I don't have him here anymore, I will never hear his voice again. I will not get anymore phone calls during the day or night, for him to discuss current affairs with me.
I have done the last errand for me dad. He is at peace and I can breath and know I did everything I could for him during his life and after.

But on a lighter note. A word of advice. If you ever have to spread a loved ones ashes, pay attention to which way the wind is blowing, Oh ya and don't wear lipgloss.
I will leave you tonight (after this long, long post. Ya I had some pop before bed. It is 4:00am my time) Here is a picture that Wayne took of the falls in Glacier National Park.
Hope you all had a creative day today.

PS I did a post earlier today, if you want to see some beautiful photos.



  1. Your blog site post rocks! Good job. Nice working with every point in your blog, keep it up. Keep coming with new ideas, coming again soon

  2. I've just decided to create a blog, which I have been wanting to do for a while. Thanks for this post, it's really useful!

  3. your journall is awesome and your pictures are sooooo amazing!

  4. Gorgeous photos. Sounds like you are making the most of your trip to Big Sky Country. Love how your smash book is turning out!

  5. I love how your smash book is turning out. I really love the pocket idea with the post cards. I have a similar one, but it's with an actual smash products pocket and is rather boring compared to yours. hahaha.

    Looks like you may have picked up a couple of spammers. ugh

  6. Great pictures! Sorry to hear you got a crappy hotel. So far in the past 20 years I've gone on 3 vacations and 2 weekends away. One of which I might add was my honeymoon right up the highway to NYC for 4 days (I wanted to go to Tahiti)so crappy hotels are unacceptable to me and I would have been really cranky. Could you imagine only traveling once every 5 years or so and finding a dirty room with a rotten view. I'd rather stay at home with my dirty house and a beautiful view and clean.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Your smash journal is so great. I will have to actually use mine on my next trip. :)

  8. What a great tribute to your father. I hope you have peace.

  9. Beautiful photos, Tracy! Looks like a great time!

  10. Oh dear on the wind....

    Too cool, my sister is married to dh's bro! My oldest calls those cousins her "sousins", sibling-cousins! ( which could be gross, because I actually know families in this town that really are siblings AND cousins- ew).

    The caves look cool- I like the IDEA of going in, not sure if I really would want to...

  11. Okay, so I'm reading along enjoying your smash book, loving Wayne's photos and cringing about the hair on the floor, glad that your day turned around and then I start feeling some real empathy for you about your dad. That this was a major event for you, closure, so serious, I started to tear up and then I read the part about the wind and the lip gloss and I nearly laughed so hard I peed myself! Never a dull moment! :)

  12. You are really covering the miles here in MT. I am sorry about the less than adequate hotel-where in the heck were you staying????
    You pictures are awesome--there's always great scenery here. And it is the time of year when we do anticipate fires even with the record snow we had and then a very rainy spring.
    I can empathize with Wayne--allergies are awful this year-not only are the farmers harvesting there is the smoke from the fires.

  13. I teared up too reading about you scattering your dad's ashes and it being the last errand you will do for him. *sob* (((HUGS))) But then I laughed too when reading about the wind direction and lip gloss. That's what I love about your posts. You share the good, the bad and the ugly. Love it!

  14. Your dad would be so proud of what you have done for him. That has to be a comforting feeling inside for you :0) Funny note on the wind and lip gloss! Hugs!

  15. Your Dad and mine are beaming. I feel it. I cried from the beginning of this post to the end here. fires at my home,GASP! It tears me up inside.
    The caverns- yep the moist,air and bat poop will cause all kinds of allergies.
    Then to see the falls at glacier got me crying like a baby. Oh how I miss it. If this wasn't enough your last errand for your dad. Breaking my heart.
    Yes, Montana is windy. LOL lipg gloss poor thing. I did giggle a little over that.


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