Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday, Day 5- Mount Rushmore, Keystone SD

Here is my Smash book pages for Glacier National Park
We took 100's of pictures. It was so stunning.
 This page I have the map of where we drove through the mountains. I just adhered the 3 edges and kept the top open to store some photos and other goodies we collected.
 On this page I backed this magazine photo with some card stock to make it more sturdy and again, I just adhered the 3 sides so I can store my journaling of the day behind it.
 Here are the pages before I worked on them.
 You knew there were going to be some pictures right.
The entrance into the Memorial.
 I was very surprised how close this was. I don't know why I thought it was further away.
 Kristy took a couple pictures with her camera and then it died, she forgot to charge it the night before. So being the sweet mother that I am, I gave her my camera to use and told her to take some good ones. Well she took a few and then came to me "Mom your camera is dead too". LOL
Good thing Wayne, Ashley and Heather had their cameras.
Ashley, Heather, Kristy and I did the hike around the trails. Wayne had enough hiking from yesterday, so he just sat it out and waited for us.
 We went back at night for the light ceremony.
They had audio playing about the presidents, you could hear it as soon as you walked up to the entrance of the monument.
They had a movie playing amphitheatre. I am not American but it brought tears to my eye, especially when the National Anthem was played. When ever I hear Canada's or the States National Anthem I get a swelling of pride in my heart.
 Here are my beautiful daughters :)
Look all their eyes are open and no one is making a funny face :)
 Keystone is a cute town. We all loved walking through all the shops. And I mean "all" the shops.
Wayne stayed in the jeep and played with his GPS and got on the Internet.
 In one of the shops, Ashley called me up the stairs to look at a purse that she thought I would like. Seriously this girl is like my personal shopper, teehee.
I loved the purse, but I thought it was to big for me. I like tiny purses....tiny person, tiny purses.
But when ever we go away I end up collecting so much shit I mean stuff that my purse gets to full. So I bought it anyway.
Ashley and I bought cowboy hats. She looks so much cuter with hers of course. But this will be perfect for camp :)   No I didn't wear it around like a tourist, lol.

Onto my day:
Hubby slept in a tad, which was OK. We were still to early for the continental breakfast. I think we have only had it at one hotel so far.
So we went to McDonald's for breaky.
We saw some "real" cowboys there. They had their cowboy hats on and even spurs on thier cowboy boots.
Let me tell you, they were pure eye candy first thing in the morning.
I guess from riding all those horses, it sure tightens all their muscles, cause man they had nice asses :)

When I was in the washroom at McD's, Ashley comes in and says "I went in the "Men's" washroom by accident. I wondered why there were urinals in there".
I replied "Would have been funny if a guy was in there. Ohhhhh or maybe those cowboys"  LOL.

I did laundry in the hotel. It was nice as they were just across from the girls room.

Hope you all had a wonderful, creative day today.



  1. Psssst. True 'cowboys' don't wear their hats or spurs in doors ;) My great grandfather would have had a heart attack if he had seen them with their spurs on while NOT on a horse :)

    Looks like a good trip. Glacier is on my must do list!

  2. oh i want to go on vacation with you!

  3. Oooh, I could handle looking at some cowboys! Used to be involved with a few in my younger years, bull riders :0) Hugs!

  4. I'm laughing so hard right now. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with spurs on, that must have been quite the sight! Are you sure Ashley didn't go into the mens bathroom on purpose, to check out those asses? LOL I've never been to SD but my parents go up there every year.

  5. Another thing I miss about Home. REAL COWBOYS with tight asses! LOL Second best feature on a guy~ ha ha the smile is first on my list. Dirty girl. tee hee
    Have a great day.

  6. Wow we were just there in July, did you go to the Crazy Horse Monument too?


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