Saturday, August 6, 2011

A yummy day

I am sitting here and I can smell the fresh air and the clean smell from the lake. I wish I could bottle this scent.

I got to go blueberry picking this morning :)
I know this may sound weird but I really enjoy picking blueberries. It is relaxing to me.
We didn't think we would be able to this year, as the plants didn't look very good.
But we picked a ice cream bucket almost full. So about 16 + cups.
The picking wasn't the best, but we got a little bit anyway.
 The day was spend relaxing. I actually had a little nap on the outside swing :)
Ashley and Kristy's boyfriends are up this weekend. We are having a few chuckles on them, lol
Here is my baby Kristy just after a swim.
 Here is Ashley, all covered up.
Ashley is very pale, like me.  I am actually tanned in this photo, I am not joking.
She is smart and covers up as much as she can when out in the sun.
She looks so cute in her sun hat, she is a hat girl. All hats look good on her.
 They were finding clams to have clam races.
I have no idea where they come up with these ideas.
I thought I was so prepared for this weekend. I wanted to work on my art journal page. I had a bit of an idea of what I wanted to do.
I get here then realize I didn't bring the stamps I wanted to use on it. I have to get it done early as I am off to Mink Mountain with my friend Debbie on Monday.

Then I wanted to do a few cards so I could have something to post while I was away, as there is no Internet up there.
Well my pattern papers and card stock are at home in a container. I forgot to take them with me.
So I started to colour an image last night.
I didn't get it finished though.  Mind you I should have stayed up and just finished it, as every time I closed my eyes that is all I saw.  So I didn't get a good sleep...hence the nap on the swing this afternoon ;)

I hope you are all having an excellent, creative weekend.



  1. Sounds wonderful. I'm in the basement in my scrap area, tucked away from the pouring rain. My husband took the kids to see Smurfs. I took the opportunity to stay home vegetate.

  2. Sounds lovely! We have a few tiny blueberries here at our place, but I am hard pressed to get a full cup, never mind 16+! I am jealous! ;0) savor some for me!

  3. Hi Tracy
    Such pretty daughters, love the hat.
    They both look so much like you.
    Hope your having a great weekend
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  4. Oh i love picking blueberries too. Mind you we missed them this year. I just don't know where the time goes... we did manage to pick strawberries and they were sooooo yummmmmy. tfs

  5. Yummy blueberries. I was picking raspberries at my inlaws this morning. Bought some yummy, but expensive huckleberries--hope to make some raspberry/huckleberry cobbler. Also got some Flathead cherries.
    Drove home through Glacier National Park. It was a beautiful day.
    Your girls are beautiful. We are albinos here too---love the hat.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I'm glad you got to pick some blueberries, especially since it's relaxing for you :) Your girls are all so beautiful. I see the elusive Heather has escaped yet another photo! Haha! I need to get on my art journal page for this week I guess...

  7. Yummy looking blueberries and how cute are both of you?! :-)

  8. I am soooo jealous! This looks like it's so much fun!!

  9. Looks like you're having fun, Tracy!

  10. Fun stuff, lady. Even those blueberries look good, though I think I'm the only person on the face of the earth who really doesn't care for them.

  11. Sounds like fun & the blueberries look yummy!

  12. Fun! I love that hat! I have one like it, I hate to get sun on my face.


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