Thursday, February 23, 2012

Classy girl card

I am so happy with this card.
I really like the bright colours, it just makes me smile.
I just wish that the colours showed up better.
I never claimed to be a photographer. 

I paper pieced the girl's hat and her coat.
Coloured the rest of the image with my Copics.
I added some black rhinestones to her coat buttons to match the ones on the card.
I drew the sidewalk in.

I just wanted to show you the ribbon I used.
Tricked you.......This is black card stock, not ribbon.
I added dash lines with my white gel pen on the black card stock strip.
I have seen ribbon that looks like this, and wanted it for my card.
So I came up with a way I can get the look without the cost :)
Can you tell I am pretty proud of myself, teehee.

I made sure to finish the inside of the card.

Onto My Day:
After bringing Kristy to her placement, Wayne wanted to go to Canadian Tire...I, did not.
So I got him to drop me off at the dollar store, then I ran to Michael's.
I came out of there with 4 things from the $1.50 bin, and only one is for me.
But I did come out of the dollar store with a few goodies ;)

I went to check out the walk in my rash is a bit worse today.
The first walk-in was very busy and the second one I would have had to wait 45 minutes before the doctor even arrived.
I did make an appointment to see my doctor, but I can't get in until Wednesday.
So I will go tomorrow to the walk-in, and I will go earlier.
I talked with my friend who was at the getaway with me, but she didn't get a rash from the hot tub. So we will see if that is what it is from.
My doctor's receptionist thinks it is.

Kristy had another good day at her placement.
She came home covered in icing, lol. She loved it.

Poor Ashley fell down our front steps.
The way our roof is, and the eves are full of ice, so the melting snow is dripping on our front steps.
It is still cold enough, so it is freezing on our steps. It is like an ice rink.
We put down salted sand and it is still icing up.
So I put something in front of the steps so no one will walk up them.
We may not be getting any mail for the next few days, lol.

That is about all from me today.
I hope you all had a very creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Super cute card!!! I just love the image and the paper is so cute!!! Great idea for the fake ribbon!!! It really looked real!!!

  2. Nice job on the "ribbon"! I had no idea until I read it- even close up it looks real to me! Hope that you get in to see a Dr. Tomorrow and get that rash looked at!

  3. I agree- it is a very classy card. I love that you make her clothes match some of the paper.
    Glad you are going to see the doc.
    I get to go to Canadian Tire tomorrow aNd Timmies-Yeah!

  4. I love the girl's buttons on the card. Poor Ashley. I hope you get into the clinic!

  5. Love this card the colours are gorgeous!!!

  6. Love this card! I hope Ashley is okay and I hope you are okay too. I hope you get into see the doctor tomorrow! I was up all last night taking care of a sick little girl with her first stomach virus (yuck)but she handled it so well. I'm exhausted and praying no one else catches it. My son does not handle being sick well at all and I always get it twice as bad as everyone else. Off to bed now for some needed sleep!

  7. Gorgeous card,love the image so sweet and the design is fabulous too.Wonderful work.
    Hugs Merethe

  8. this image is so cute and i love the paper piecing-- great job!!

  9. She is a very classy image on a classy card. Love the ribbon trick!

  10. You were on quite the roll last weekend with your cards! I love this! You know I'm partial to girl images anyway :) I hope they can give you something for your rash today, that must be miserable. Good call on getting dropped off at the dollar store :) By mentioning Michaels, you make me want to go. I haven't been forever! Glad Kristy had another good day and while I'm thrilled your snow is melting, I'm so sorry Ashley fell! Hope she is okay.

  11. LOVE the card - just so darn cute!! I hope your dd is going to be all right.

  12. Such a pretty card - love that paper piecing! Hope Ashley is OK...poor thing! Does spreading sand help any on the steps? Hope you heal soon too! About taking pictures...have you tried no flash and putting the project next to the window with a white/neutral background...maybe that might help?

  13. That is such a pretty card. I wish I could cut so nice. Oh and thanks, you have inspired me to spruce up the inside of my cards now too.

  14. Oh no! I hope Ashley is feeling better after her fall! And I hope the doctor can help you with your rash - I had an unknown rash recently, and it turns out, I was having a reaction to the air (the filters in my office are DIRTY but they won't change them!)

    I love the card, she is so bright and cheerful! Definitely a perfect saying hi image!

  15. very nice now what colors did u use to color the skin.. thanks..

  16. Adorable card!
    Hope Ashley is ok! Slippery steps scare the heck out of me. I fell down our back steps once and had a huge bruises from it.

  17. My daughter would love this card!It has all the right elements for her!

    Falling just sucks! We have a wooden sidewalk up to our porch...looks cool, but can be dangerous even when it's just wet out.

    I remember a lady getting a rash from her hot tub once. I think it was the cleaner/disinfectant she used. Good luck getting that figured out!

  18. Ouch, I bet that fall hurt! I loved the card, your coloring always amazes me!
    Great job on the "fake" ribbon! Love Penny

  19. I do hate waiting at the walk in clinics. it takes ages to see even a nurse lol Hope you get in tomorrow! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    I love your card, I think your colouring is amazing and I really like your paper piecing ! Love the hand made ribbon!
    I actually made a layout today after a really long time that I haven't! I think your YouTube videos re really inspiring me to create again :) Thank you <3

  20. Oh, what an adorable girl! Love how you colored her. That is a great tip! I love that style of ribbon but it's hard to have it in every color. Great idea for darker paper colors. :) Have a great weekend!

  21. I love the color you used for this card. Hope your rash goes away soon =)

  22. Such a cute card- you make me want to be a card maker and to learn to color. I don't need more hobbies *LOL*

  23. Your card is so cute Tracy! I hope your rash goes away soon! Bless your heart, Im sure its agravating too!I hope Christy is okay... poor girl that must of hurt!

  24. Nice idea, the faux ribbon! I hope your daughter is not too bruised up from the fall!


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