Friday, February 10, 2012

A Heart Tree card

Today was a good day.
I got my baby back. That's right my jeep is now back in my driveway, where it belongs :)
They showed me the bill to get the dents out and the new hood from the hail damage.
It was $6548.00, luckily with the insurance we only had to pay $300.00

I thought I would share another card I made at Scrapbook for Heart.
I used one of my new stamps :)
I coloured this one with my Stampin' Up markers. Added sparkle to some of the hearts.
Leslie ( a lady sitting beside me at scrapbook for heart) gave me her Smooch to try. I think it is called smooch. It looked like nail polish.
I like the pearl look it gave. What I didn't like was it took away from the colour I coloured the image with.

I made this accordion flower with a cupcake wrapper.
I wanted it even so tried to do a running stitch with a thread and needle. I tore the paper, lol.
So I just scrunched it as evenly as I could.
Put some twine in the button and slapped that puppy on there :)

Here is the inside of the card.
Surprise, surprise a recipe card.

Onto My Day:
Tonight was Scrapbooking Night.
Sharon came by and we each made a card. I also worked on my Smash book from when we went to Minneapolis. I left some space for a few photos. I wasn't going to add photos to this book. I was just going to put memorabilia in it, but I changed my mind ;)

Tomorrow, Wayne and I are going to have a Walking Dead marathon....okay, for the next 2 days we are going to have a Walking Dead marathon :)
We plan on making a taco dip and I bought a 2 liter bottle of Coca-Cola. Man I am going to enjoy this weekend, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Friday :0

Tracy :)


  1. Have a great weekend! Wow on the damage repairs- deductibles can be a good thing ;0)
    Love the card! That heart tree is adorable! I have not users smooch, but have friends that like it. I guess you would use it only if you are able to take in that it will change the colour. I bet there is a pretty shimmer though!

  2. Another winner Tracy!

    Love the inside...why did I guess that there might be a recipe card in there? Cuz I pay attention in your videos!!! hahahahaha

    Thanks for the kind comments on my weight loss. it is getting harder to stick to program and kind comments help! I am determined to persevere.

    i don't know what Walking Dead is...but sounds like relaxing fun...enjoy the goodies and pop.

  3. So I set our dvr to record Season 2 and guess what the night before season 1 is playing too. Tomorrow I am making Mexican food, something chocolately and we already have our Cokes chillin' so let the zombie explosion commence, see you on the other side! ;p

    I wanted to say I ❤ your ❤ tree card, very sweet work!

  4. Pretty card. I like the idea of the recipe card inside.

  5. wow-on bill good thing on car insurance..

    love heart tree--will have to look for that to add to my collection lol

    sound like fun weekend..

  6. That card is so fun! Love that tree :)

  7. I love the cupcake wrapper--you did a great job crinkling!

  8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that tree and the coloring and sparkle!!!! A cupcake wrapper seriously, you think of everything! Your weekend sounds wonderful!

  9. Love the card (no pun intended) I really like that stamp. I think your rosette came out great. I never would have thought to use a cupcake wrapper. Have fun this weekend. We still have our open house on Sunday so I will be cleaning until 12pm tomorrow and then finding something to do for 4 hours tomorrow. So no craftiness for me until Sunday night when I have to make a valentines day box for my son and favors for both my kids classes. Thank god there is a Monday in there to give me some extra time! Have fun with your zombies this weekend!

  10. Beautiful card, Tracy! Have a wonderful day!

  11. Pretty card, where you got the tree with heart stamp? The heart button match the card nicely.

  12. Love that stamp. Where did you get it? Great card. TFS

  13. This is a beautiful creation Tracy, I love your heart tree stamp.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  14. I love that tree stamp, it's so pretty when you color it! I've been wanting to use cupcake holders to make flowers and such, I have a bag full from my mom :0) Hope you enjoyed your marathon, and your coke! Hugs!

  15. Such a pretty card! Love the stamp design too! I've thought about trying a bottle of the Smooch, but after I accidentally caused one to break in a store and seen how badly it stained their stuff, so I'm kinda leery. I like the look of the sheen it gives though. I'm sure I'll give in to the temptation some day, especially if you keep showing how pretty it looks...not that I'll have the same results ;^)


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