Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How can something so gory, look so pretty?

I received some happy mail from our beautiful, talented Dena :)
She made me this awesome card.
Thank you Dena, LOVE this card you made me :)

How can a zombie card be this pretty?

I did a video of the treats that Dena sent me.

Onto My Day:
Wayne and I had errands to run today.
I actually made supper tonight ;)
No it wasn't take out, I made lasagna ;)
My daughter is so happy as she bought her camera today. It is a 5D Mark II.
Plus she got it for $600.00 less then advertised as she has been waiting so long for it, plus she knew the sales guy.

I hope you all had creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :) 


  1. Ohhhh...lucky daughter...good things happen to those who wait.

    That looks like an interesting box of goodies. Have fun with it!

  2. Woooohooo! I sense a ramp up to the return of Walking Dead!!

  3. Wow! What fabulous happy mail! I am not a zombie gal, but the card is pretty fantastic! Looking forward to seeing what you will create with these new goodies to go with your shopping goodies! ;0)

  4. Awe you're so sweet Tracey. I know some of that stuff I sent isn't what you normally work with but I think you are so creative that you will use it ways that none of us have thought of yet. I hope you liked the other "stuff" too. Don't hoard those die cuts. I can make you more. I have videos from two months ago that I haven't uploaded yet. I've been cleaning and fixing up my house for so long that I'm so behind in my craft stuff, boo :( Now that I'm all about cleaned out, there isn't any big jobs left for me to do I can't get back to the important stuff lol. Oh the glossy stuff on the card is glossy accents and I painted it on with a tiny little brush. I was going for a greasy/slimy effect.

  5. What a cool card. You are such a lucky gal.
    Nice camera for Ashley. My hubby shoots th a 7D and Caithas a 40D.
    I can hardly wait to see what great photos she takes.

  6. Nice card, for a zombie lover! Not sure if you got my e-mail but, I got your package yesterday :0) Thank you sooooo much for the goodies! Hugs!

  7. The card is really cool. Lasagna sounds good. 5D Mark II is an awesome camera to get.

  8. I bet we're going to see some really great pictures from your daughter! She already has the talent - now she has the camera to go with it.

    THAT is one box of awesome goodies! The card couldn't be any more perfectly made. Dena does amazing work! And, I sure wish the Micheal's I went to had those keys, or I would have had those babies in my hot little hands the other day! I am tempted to get I Am Roses flowers, but too scared to start...kwim? Thanks for sharing your happy mail.

  9. awesome card and what a great box of goodies!

  10. Oh wow, that card is amazing! How sweet is Dena? What an awesome box of goodies! Now I'm hungry for lasagna...

  11. That card is fabulous! That was so nice of Dena to send such a great box of goodies! Just like Becky, I want lasagna now too! I'm going to put it on my list for dinner next week!

  12. That card is so cool!
    Happy mail always makes for a good day.

    I have been trying to cook at home for dinners as much as possible. So I have collected quite a few different lasagna recipes because that is one of my fave dishes.

  13. That is a cool card!! Yay for making dinner. I tried to make dinner tonight but it was a fail!

  14. Tracy, I hope you love your Lindy's stuff. I know I do. Their embossing powder is two toned and beautiful. In my first order from them there was a note to use distilled water (hot) in the spray bottles. Something about a possible mold issue when using tap water. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I use distilled, and love these sprays. They don't clog, and have more color than some other shimmery sprays. I'm not affiliated with this company, I just really love their stuff! Holly M.

  15. What a cool card - too funny. Enjoy your new goodies :)

  16. ouu thats a cool card! ashley always buying cameras

  17. Ooh, it's always so much fun to get a package in the mail!

  18. Love the zombie card, it is crazy, creepy, lovely, beautiful. Only a zombie lover would understand that statement. She did an excellent job it, love all the details, it looks real.


  19. that card rocks the house and you know HOW I DISLIKE ZOMBIES!!! Blah but this one can turn me I think. LOL She is in blue after all. LOL That girl Dena has to show me how to color! She has it going on. Geesh, I got to get to it.

    I agree with Holly, but then you know this is on my video I have yet to make. OMG, back to the back 40 for the crafting marathon tonight. LOL Gots lots to do.

  20. Isn't it great to get goodies in the mail. Have fun playing.


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