Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jar full of love

Here is yet another card I made at the Scrapbook for Heart crop. I sure got quite a few cards done there.
I did notice that they all have a lovey, valentines theme to them :)
Again this is one of the new stamps I purchased when we were on our trip. 
A pretty simple card.
I coloured the image with my Stampin' Up markers, as I didn't bring my Copics with me.

I wanted to use my Diamond Glaze to make the jar look more glass-like.
But I didn't bring mine, but someone lent me what they had, which wasn't Diamond Glaze.
I didn't like it as much as what I usually use, it didn't flow as nicely and didn't cover as smoothly.
And yes those are real candies, lol.
They were at our crop one was eating them anyway ;)

Onto My Day:
Wayne and I did our banking and picked up more groceries.
I ran our recycles across the street to the neighbours, as I missed ours.
Then we made a run for the border ;)
Heather ordered a book and pair of jeans. Ashley ordered a new camera bag.
Ashley's bag came in a bag, teehee.
It looks more like a purse. I love the little camera key-chain on it :)

I did some paper work.
Watched Survivor. Its the new season and has a twist this year :)
Now watching a movie, and that is about it for the evening.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday.

Tracy :)


  1. Hehe.. I like how you used real candy on the card. ooo.. That camera bag is really cute.

  2. Very cute card. I love the jar stamp -i have one on order for me.
    Finally have a day off tomorrow-yeah!!!

  3. What a cute card and great idea to use the heart candy on it, you are so crafty!!

  4. Adorable card with the candies inside the jar! (and the real ones) I have a love/ hate with them. Don't really care for them, but will eat them if they are there!

  5. Love this! Your jar certainly looks more glass like and with all those pretty sweeties inside, yumm!

  6. love this card!! you just have a way with markers-- i need to take a class from you!

  7. That is the coolest stamp! I don't think I've ever used diamond glaze, is that from Stampin' Up!? You read my mind too, I was thinking, are those real candies? :) Ashley's new camera bag is SO cool! Love it!

  8. I've learned that not all Diamond Glazes are created equal. My favorite kind is from Ranger, but I've only tried 2 brands. At least you used this kind on a card & not an important project. It still turned out super cute! Not a fan of conversation hearts anyway, so might as well use them creatively. LOL!

    How sweet is that camera bag!!! Now I'm thinking I need one....

  9. What a cute card!! I love the little candies on it. Everytime I come to your blog I fall in love with the green color. I want to put it in a can and paint a room with it.

  10. This card is really cute,love the details with candies.
    Wish you a wonderful day.:)

  11. Love the bag! I want one like it. I'll have to check out that brand!

  12. Great card! I love her camera bag! The purse looking ones are great! I ordered a messenger bag one (to fit over my very big jacket!) last month on Etsy and it shipped today! Yay!

  13. Love the dimensional glass on the jar! Very cute!

  14. I got a Jo Tote for Christmas and I love it. I'm going to have to get that stamp set now......

  15. Love the card- those mason jars seem to be a big trend in stamping in the last eyar or two- and now showing up in scrapbooking. Guess cause they are so fun to fill huh? :)

  16. What a cute camera bag! Love the little keychain too! What brand is it? Cute, cute card! Wish I could color! Don't have the first clue about shading and all that.

  17. So cute. I like the diamon glaze finish. it is really effective.

  18. Love the jar! That is a great stamp. Love the idea of filling it up with diamond glaze. Super fun! Love that camera bag too! Glad Rose is better. :)

  19. The jar is adorable! Lovely stamp with the hearts inside? very cool!

  20. That jar and treats is so sweet! Love it!


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