Monday, February 13, 2012

Thinking of you card and our poor kitty

I made this card for a family friend who is fighting cancer.
I hate cancer.
I just want her to know that she is in our thoughts.

I coloured the image with my Stampin' Up markers.
I inked around everything.
I cut the border with decorative scissors. Yup I still use them at times ;)

The sentiment is a $1.50 stamp from Michaels.
I  then punched out the sentiment and wanted a backing for it.
I punched out some card stock with the same punch and then sliced it down the middle and edged the sentiment with the card stock.

Here is the inside of the card.

Our kitty, Rose, has a hurt paw.
Wayne and I were out most of the day and Heather said that Rose was up on her bed most of the day.
It's not unusual for Rose to sleep a lot, she is over 14 yrs old.
But when she walks, she doesn't put any pressure on her right front leg.
So first thing in the morning I am taking our baby to the vet. I really hope it isn't broken.
Heather and Kristy have been bringing her water and food so she doesn't have to get up and walk around on it.

Onto My Day:
Wayne and I took Kristy to school, then I got a hot chocolate :)
Ran to pick up this beaut.
I bought my old mixer when I lived on my own. So lets say, it has paid its dues ;)

Ran into Michael's. Came out with nothing.
We did see Wayne's uncle and aunt there in the parking lot. We had a chat, until we got to cold and had to part ways.
Bought a few groceries.
I spent the rest of the day organizing my blog and YouTube files.
Then spent the evening helping Ashley put together her Valentine's Day gift for her boyfriend Tyler.

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Ran into Michael's and came out with nothing? Impressive! Also impressive your old mixer lasted that long!

  2. I have my old hand mixer from when I was single as well...but I got a kitchen aid about 15? (really!? Bow did that happen!?) years ago, so it hS not been used much. I saved it for whipping lotions if I make them (um, once). Poor Rose, hope her foot is okay...

  3. I forgot to say what a pretty card! Love the branch! Cancer sucks....we know about 6 people that have been treated in the past 2 years...

  4. I think a pink card is so appropriate. You did a lovely job.

    Fingers crossed that kitty is OK.


  5. Cancer is just a nasty. Your card is lovely. Love the stamp. Hope your cat feel better.

  6. Love your card. I hate cancer too. Hope your kitty is OK. Like your new mixer. Trying to get back inthe swing of things since being away.

  7. what a beautiful card--love the soft colors!

    hope your kitty is feeling better!

  8. I would like a mixer like that! Mine is a cheap one, even though it's only 11 yrs old. I'd like one with more power.

    Of course your card is pretty, I expect no less! I seriously ADORE flowering branch designs!!

    I sure hope your kitty's paw is OK and that it's nothing serious. Poor baby.

  9. What a pretty card! At first I thought you said you hand cut that branch and I had to go back and read it again! Lol! I hope Rose is okay :) Your mixer is lovely! Mine is going on 14 years old and still ticking, knock on wood!

  10. Very pretty card and I do hope Rose is okay! Poor thing! Very nice mixer! I have actually never owned a hand held one. I just have my kitchen aid!

  11. Pretty card - hope Rose will be okay! Love the color of your hand mixer!

  12. Love the red mixer! I hope Rose is okay. Please keep us updated!

  13. I love the card. I hope Rose is okay, its so hard when they can't tell you what is wrong. Congrats on the new mixer!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. Lovely card, love that pretty stamped image. Poor Rose, I hope she is back on all 4's soon. Sometimes they just have a little hurt that goes away quickly. Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. beatiful card. hope your kitty is ok. hate when they're hurting. love your mixer.

  16. Loving that card! So sorry about your kitty cat - its hard when our furry friends don't feel so well.

  17. Lovely lovely card. I just may pull out my decorative scissors again! And I cannot believe you came out of M's empty handed! (that would be a miracle here!) :D

  18. What a great card.
    I hope your kitty is ok.

  19. Very pretty card. I love cherry blossoms. Sorry to hear about your kitty. I hope she's okay. My kitty is 9 I think. I lost track but I've had her since she was a bitty baby. I fostered her and her 4 sisters in my house and she decided that she was staying with me. I would be heartbroken if something happened to her.

    I've been coming out of Michael's empty handed too. I actually go in for their $1.50 stuff now. Actually I haven't really been buying anything SCAREY!

    Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you make some goodies with that new hot red mixer of yours :).

  20. Pretty card! Great idea for a sentiment mat! Our kitty lived with us 19 years, miss her!

  21. Lovely card - I'm sure your friend will appreciate the "pick me up." SO sorry to hear about your cat - hoping it's nothing serious :(

  22. Such a pretty card, I know your friend will love it. Hope your kitty is ok!

  23. Lovely card Tracy. So nice to send it to your friend - it's like a big hug and if she's fighting cancer, she can certainly use it. Hope Rose is better today! :)


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