Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tri-Heart card and a day full of walkers ;)

Today was another Walking Dead marathon :)
Plus the new episode!!!!
I just saw the previews for next looks sooooooo good. 
Now I know why I would rather watch marathons on DVD then on regular television.
I don't like them very much.

I am going to share a card I made at Scrapbook for Heart.
I saw this idea at Pine City Scrapbooking.
It is not exactly the same of course, but pretty dang close :)
I coloured the image in with my Stampin' Up markers.
And some of my sparkle twine ;) And some sparkle on the flowers.

Today's television craft, was organizing my blog and YouTube addresses.
I like to keep track of who sent me happy mail and what I had sent back.
I haven't been the best at keeping up and am probably a few months (at least) in sending out "Thank Yous" So that is the reason why I came up with a system.
Lets hope it helps. Because I need all the help I can get.

Funny Story:
The other day, Ashley wanted me to do something for her, like sew a button on her jacket or something.
She could tell I really didn't want to do it, so she told me she would do something for me.
Me: "And what could you possibly do for me"?
Ashley: "Dye your hair".
Me: "What, you don't like my hair, you don't like the grey in it".
Ashley: "No mom, its pretty. It looks like strands of tinsel in your hair".

I love how quick witted she is. I wish I was like that.
I think of something clever to say in the middle of the night, a little to late, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)



  1. Lovely thank you card you made. I don't like commercials either. Especially Vietnamese commercials, we have some Vietnamese channels and they have the craziest commercials. Some are quite funny though hehe...

  2. Very pretty card. I'm like you, only I think of a witty reply the day after. LOL. I too like to keep track of incoming and outgoing happy mail. Are you a Taurus?

  3. Yeah, I have those strands of tinsel as well! ;0) bought hair colour today!
    Love those beautiful hearts and the sparkle on the rose vine? Divine!

  4. hahaha I have tinsel too! Oh my goodness, that was funny. still smiling!

    The card is fab. Now I am trying to remember where I stashed my spool of similar thread...

  5. Gorgeous card...LOVE the tinsel comment - she is quick :)

  6. really beautiful card. i love the border and the hearts. great design.

  7. LOL! I have tinsel in my hair, too. ;-) Love the card! Beautiful as always! :-)

  8. what an awesome card--love those hearts!

  9. love the card, Tracy! the borders are it all!

  10. Really pretty card with a beautiful border. TFS!

  11. Ah, so THAT is what those grey things are in my head--TINSEL! Cute card~!

  12. That border is so pretty and I love the sparkly flowers! I know what you mean about TV and the commercials. We DVR almost everything now and then watch it back just so we can fast forward through the commercials!

  13. Ha, tinsel! I'm with you on commercials! I have Netflix and that's what I watch mostly so when I do have to watch commercials it gets old quick!

  14. Hahaha, AJ was just making fun of my grays in my hair too! I decided they add character :)

    I am the worst at coming up with smart comebacks, I always think of it hours later. If the comeback is for my family or AJ, I will go tell it to them, like I finally thought of it!

    I love the car you made, the sparkle twine is so much fun!

    1. And by "car" I meant "card". Unless you've made a car, which would be super impressive!

  15. Thanks love that cards and the stamp.. Love your blog have a blessed day!

  16. I just love the heart boarder on that card. TFS, and I think your daughter filled up your bucket with her lovely comment.

  17. Such a pretty card!
    I love watching tv shows on DVD.
    You can watch a whole season so quickly and like you said no commercials!

  18. Pretty card! Love the tinsel comment. If that's what grey looks like, then my head looks like a christmas tree :P

  19. Pretty card. I like the sparklies. You know I have no idea what the hell the color of my hair is supposed to be. I haven't seen it since I was 18. I couldn't tell you if I have "tinsel" or not. I can see a color difference in my overgrown roots still so why don't you send your daughter down to Jersey to do my hair for me :)

  20. Tinsel....I like that - even your hair has natural bling! ...& so does mine! ;^) Sometimes I can be quick witted, but not in an argument.

    The card is so pretty! Love those hearts and what pretty string! I don't do anything crafty while watching tv, it doesn't work for me and my hubby acts like I shouldn't do that stuff after he's home. whatever.

  21. Hey Tracy!
    Where is my card? I sent you happy mail lol!
    I noticed that you used one of the corner pockets I sent you in your smash book. It looked really cute too! My ydd couldnt wait for the new walking dead episode to come out. Me? I dont get into it.. to gory for me.. so I just watched you tube vids!
    Hugs my friend!


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