Monday, February 6, 2012

You got my Heart

1st off thank you for all the Anniversary wishes from yesterday :)

Here is another card I made at Scrapbook for Heart.
I used all my new stamps that I bought on our trip for all my cards. See I use what I buy, teehee.
I also didn't want to bring my Copics to the crop, so I brought all my Stampin Up markers to colour my images.
I also used a lot of girly colours on my cards.

So here is one of my favourite cards from that day.
I used stickles on her hairband, and sparkle rhinestones on her heart.
Here's a tip...put on the sparkle After you run it through the big shot.
If you look close, you can see one got a bit smooshed.

I used one of the heart buttons and the twine that I purchased from our trip :)
See I really did need all those goodies ;)

Here is the money shot Becky :)

Here is the inside of the card.
I know the photo is blurry, but it is what it is.

Onto My Day:
I worked all day.
And I am finished month end, yahoo :)
Hubby took the jeep in for the hail damage.
The hood have over 600 dents on it. They said that the would just replace the hood. I really didn't think there were that many dents in it.
The repair shop said they would have if for a few days, so our insurance supplied us with a rental.
In the insurance agreement they were to supply us with a vehicle that is comparable in size and value to the one being repaired.

 Here is my 4x4 jeep

Here is what the rental company supplied us..a  Mazda. Not a 4x4 which I might add. Plus not close to the same size, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Aww.. your card is so perfect. Love the saying on the card too. You sure did need all those goodies you got. hehe... nice... cars.

  2. Oh my, the hail sure did a nasty job on you Jeep. Love your card with the Penny Black of my fave.

  3. you got ripped off on the trade of that. LOL Poor girl. Suckage.
    Well back to sitting and stressing!

  4. this card is wonderful!! but then again all your cards are wonderful!!!

  5. Love the card--so cute. And great coloring job.

  6. Love the card. Anything with sparkle in it gets an A+ from me! And, as an accountant, congrats on getting month end done! Nice, quick close.

  7. Very pretty card! Sounds like quite a hail storm. Hope they get your car back to you soon.

  8. Sweet image, gorgeous card. love the button it looks great.

  9. I love the card! The stickles are great, and I didn't even notice that one was smushed! And congratulations on using your new supplies, its always fun to use the new things :)

  10. Super cute! I just love all the girly stamps you get :0) And your cards are just so cute! Hugs!

  11. Very cute card I love the heart with the twine. Sorry to here about the hail denting your jeep. Hope you get it back soon.

  12. Cute card. Sorry about the car. They did that to me once too. I drove a Ford Explorer and they gave me an Aveo. I couldn't wait to get my car back!

  13. I love the little button! Too bad about the rental!

  14. Stinkin' cute card!!!
    Ummm....that car doesn't look too bad as a temp. unless you're going off-roading! LOL!!

  15. the card but it is not on my wall yet! And as for the SUVs I rental anywhere!! Some one is hoarding them!!! Lol... I am running into that issue at work now too!

  16. Oh I love your card! That punch is so pretty!! And what an awesome money shot! Lol! So annoying about the car. That's happened to us before and you want to look at them and say, "seriously? you want me to drive THAT?"

  17. Cute Card! Great image and colouring, love the heart button :)
    I've missed so many posts :) Loved the look of your dinner, pretzels, cake, the peeps....
    Happy Anniversary to you both :)

  18. Amazing card! Ha! Yes,I would say there's some "minor discrepancies"- those car rental clauses...I guess it's interpretation by whomever processes the request, eh?
    Happy Tuesday night!

  19. hahahaha...I thought stuff like that only happened to us!!!
    Sorry for laughing but they not have eyes!!!

    Love the card.

  20. Sometimes I think insurance/car rental companies do that on purpose just to annoy us. :-P I love the card! So pretty and cute! :-)

  21. Oh my! VERY cute card! Who makes and/or where did you get that twine? I just might "need" some. ;^)

    I love your Jeep, but yeah, insurance companies don't have to follow their contracts, but WE sure do, don't we? It's OK for them to short change you, but ask them if you can short change them on a payment & you'll be cancelled in a heartbeat!

  22. Your little girl is ADORABLE!! Thank you for playing along with us at Scrappy Moms Stamps! XOXO

    - Mel

  23. Aww! This is so sweet! Thanks for sharing at Scrappy Moms Stamps!

  24. Sorry about the hail damage!!
    Cute card!

  25. Ah... the insurance company's rentals... aren't they great? They gave me this great big 8-cyclindar, 8-passenger THING to drive. We're so close the border I joked about how I'd have to start smuggling in illegals to afford the gas, but I'd be able to get at least 20 of them in there in one shot. Anyway, I LOVE that you use what you buy. I find it best to buy things and come home and use them right away. I've learned if you buy stuff to "use at some point" you might just end up hoarding it. You've got the right attitude. Money shot, *giggle*


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