Saturday, December 7, 2013

Just when I thought I was done. More shopping

Today was a full day of shopping.
We were at Mall of America at 7:40am as it opened at 8:00am. The mall is so peaceful when no one but the mall walkers are there.
I was lucky to get a quick photo of my girls before they headed to one of their favourite stores, Forever 21.
When I took this photo Kristy said "your such a mom" lol. 
After the girls left, Wayne and I snuck down for a yummy breakfast of crepes ;) 
The crepe place is near a really neat card and paper store. I love their window display, I have shared it on my blog before. 
But today they had 3 new displays. 
I was so impressed with how creative they were I had to give a compliment to whomever designed them.
I asked the salesgirl. She informed me the Christopher Straub from season 6 of Project Runway designed and made them. 
I have never watched that show, but anyone can see how creative he is. 
He was going to be at the store for a signing and promoting his new cards. 
As Wayne and I were walking around the mall I saw these huge onmaments hanging from the ceiling. I had an urge to swing on one and sing "I came in like a wrecking ball". My joke was lost on Wayne, lol. 
I think my blood sugar was low, so we went for some cinnasticks. 
We were at MOA for 7 hours. 
Can you imagine 7 hours of shopping and no crafty stores!!!
Unless you count the dollar store for scissors and glue so I could play with my new punch board?   I don't, lol
Because of that, I ended up retracing my steps from yesterday. 
Funny as I was just going to get a couple of pieces of paper so I could make a pillow box, lol
First Archivers 
Then found a Tuesday Morning. 
Lastly micheals, I had more 50% off coupons ;) 
I am still keeping up with the photo a day challenges  I am doing. 
Heidi Swapps prompt for today was "Crowds"
Perfect for today. Mind you we were surprised it wasn't busier. 
Canadian Scrapbookers challenge for today is
Another perfect prompt for today. Here are my daughters with their first haul of the day. Wayne and I usually bring their packages to the jeep so they don't have at carry them all day. Such sweet parents they have ;) 
That is all from me for tonight. I am going to take a shower, try my hand at that pillow box board and then head to bed. Another early morning. 
I hope you have all had a creative and warm saturday. It went down to -20C here. I hear it's a lot colder back home :(

Tracy :)


  1. Did you say 7 hours of shopping!!!! Great minds think alike...skate die. I need a BIG needle though to lace them. Have fun:).

  2. I run for the hills whenever I hear the word "mall", but my stepdaughter loves that Mall of the Americas place. It does look kind of pretty with no one there. And the crepes look delish!!!!

  3. YAY super fun. Wish I was there with ya, we would have some fun. Today I took mom to red lobster. We loved it.
    careful coming back and don't forget that pkg!

  4. That tree is so beautiful and the window displays very creative! Sounds like you had great fun. No, scissors and glue don't count, everyone needs those even non-scrapbookers so you can't possibly count those towards a scrapping budget :-)

  5. What a gorgeous picture of that tree with no one around. I can only imagine how peaceful it was :) I love the one of the girls too :) 7 hours with NO crafty shopping??!! You were probably about to go crazy! Lol! How's your foot been doing on this trip?

  6. Beautiful tree, great shopping. nice picture of the girls and the mall. it was Saturday I was at the open house and I finished 4 cards 3 which will post Monday and Tuesday. I need to get my cards mailed Monday afternoon. Good job I have the morning free.

  7. Love the photos - that tree in the Mall looks amazing! Love to shop - looks as if you have another great haul. Love the Tim Holtz snowflake!

  8. You have no idea how jealous I am of your shopping trips!😝

  9. 7 hours of shopping sounds awesome!

    I love the mall when it is almost empty - or any store near opening/closing when its not crowded.

    The mall is decorated so beautifully!


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