Saturday, December 21, 2013

Start to my December Daily

The family went out early this morning to go Christmas shopping for me, as I slept in my nice warm bed and dreamt sweet dreams :)
Then Wayne wrapped all my gifts and the set up his video game television (yes he uses a different TV for gaming) and I set up shop right by him, to finally get to work on my December Daily.

And just to add more work for myself, I added red sparkle to these daily numbers.
They looked just fine without the sparkle, but we all need a bit of sparkle in our lives, don't we ;)

Here is my cover page for my December Daily.
I am going to add the year, but haven't yet.
I know one of my Christmas presents and am waiting till then to finish it off, as it will work perfectly for this ;)
My friend Myra and I made that flower with her spellbinders poinsettia die.
I added a bit of sparkle to the red flourishes and "December" with a red Spica pen I had received from my friend Pea :)

Here is my first day of my December Daily.
I am using all different paper companies and any embellishment I think might go with the papers.
The hardest part is printing out the photos.
Kristy and Ashley "were" doing the photo challenges with me, so I wanted to put their photos in here as well.
So I had to go on Instagram to copy, then edit their photos. Then I had to put the photos on a jump drive to be able to print them up on my Selphy CP800.
Some of the photos come up on the Selphy screen as a question mark, so I have to go back with the jump drive to only put on the photos I want to print, as I want to resize them, and I don't know which photos are which.
I should have purchased the Selphy 900 when they had that special, purchase 3 paper packs and get the Selphy for free….but mine still works so I didn't :(

Here is a close up of just the 1st page.
I am trying to keep it simple.
But even keeping it simple sure takes me forever ;)

I used Becky Higgins grid cards and added a decorative border to the top and inked the edges of the cards.
I took the photos with my cell phone, the pages are in page protectors. After I uploaded the photos I noticed how croked they are and blurry, but with keeping it simple (or I was to lazy) I didn't retake the photos ;)

Day 21 of Heidi Swapp's photo challenge.
Here is our Christmas Tree.

Day 21 of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine's photo challenge.
I was truly stumped with this one. But what makes me Merry is to have my supplies around me and being able to create all day, and being close to my family.
This is my work station this weekend, as I am working on my December Daily, hubby is on the love seat next to me playing his video games ;)
Life is Great.

I hope you all have a wonderful and creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love your looks so pretty! Sometimes I put pearls on my tree but not this year for some reason...I love the look of them!
    Your Dec Daily looks great so far. I have my photos and will probably start it between the 27th and New Years. We keep the tree and decorations up till Epiphany so that gives me time to get it finished before I get busy putting everything away!
    Love the calendar...I need to take a look at my Pinterest printables and pick out my numbers and calendar. I have every thing else organized...thank goodness.

  2. Your pages look great and yes we do need to take the time to add glitter! You crack me up how you're always moving around to be by your guy. My husband and I are the same always together. However, if I'm crafting I leave my door open and he is in the media room beside me. That's about as close as we get. I LOVE the glow on your tree it's stunning!

  3. It looks great so far! I love the sparkle you added!! Sometimes I get confused with my Selphy when I'm printing IG photos and I forget to add the border and have to reprint. Love your merry picture :)

  4. Fabulous pages, I would love to do something like this but have no idea where to start. Beautiful tree, I will have to take a picture of mine when I get it up. but that is after I finish a card. My hubby thought your crafty area was neat compared to mine.

  5. WOW - wonderful pages and love the poinsettia!

  6. Our gaming and movie tv is in the basement, two levels below my craft room so it's pretty rare I ever sit with my hubby while gaming but I vow to change that. Your post inspired me. Even if I just catch up with magazines or something. When we're two floors apart in the house it feels strange. Love your tree, and your pages!

  7. I really love these pages! They all look amazing!

    My brother had a gaming tv when we lived at home too. I think it was because back then, the gaming systems could ruin the color of the tv. And also because we'd always be fighting over tv vs. video games!

    Love your Christmas tree! It looks so pretty!


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