Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dusting off the Cricut and some Handmade Embellishments

I was in my craft room all day today, working on a special project.
Look, I even used my Cricut ;)
Wayne and my girls bought me this one about 2 or 3 Mother's Days ago and I may have used it 3 times.
I honestly forgot how to turn it on and called my daughter over, lol. I finally figured it out ;)
I have had the smaller Cricut since when it had first come out and know how to use that one, but this one has so many buttons, lol.

I didn't use this bright yellow paper for my project, it was just a practice cut.
I guess I didn't have my setting correct as it didn't cut anything first time around, lol,

If you know me then you know I like to make my own embellishments.
Sometimes I wonder why I even buy embellishments, lol.
I like to ink the edges of my punched out flowers. Some may think it is a waste of time (actually a friend or two of mine told me so) but I like the small details.
See how the ink gives the flowers some dimension :)

I couldn't find (or used them all) my adhesive pearls, so I used liquid pearls for the centres of my flowers.
That is After I formed them in the palm of my hand.

Again some handmade embellishments :)
I have made these before, and may have shared them on here, but if not, here you go ;)
I took some toothpicks and painted them grey.
I then punched out some hearts and inked the card stock and adhered one on each side of the toothpicks…like a toothpick sandwich ;)
Lastly I added some sparkles to the hearts :)

I had a blast in my craft room today.
I usually don't spend anytime in there during the weekend, as I spend the weekends with Wayne and my girls (when my girls are around ;)
But I was on a bit of a time crunch…all my fault, so I spent most of my day down there.

I will share my project in a couple of days.
As it is for my niece's baby shower, which is tomorrow :)

I hope you all had a very creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I have a confession to make...I have owned the original cricut for years and have never used it on my own!
    Hangs head in sham!
    Your flowers have lots of dimension...I ink and shade mine too.!

  2. I love the small details too. Your flower looks pretty. I don't spend much time in my craftroom nowadays, I will have to be like you and spend a day creating. hehe.. =)

  3. The flowers look amazing. Love them inked up like that. Hey good for you !!!! even if you had to call your daughter:):) I would have too.

  4. It is nice to have a day to just be in your happy place. Sounds like the family was close by.

  5. I always need help with my Circut and I always call for my daughter, she just understands it more than me. Not good I know :) love the toothpicks, will try that one.

  6. Great flowers, love the inking of them. I don't have a cricut for the reason I would probably not remember how to use it. it took me months until I felt comfortable with the big shot lol. Looking forward to seeing your project.

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun playing in your craft room and revisiting your Cricut! Can't wait to see what you do with these cuties!

  8. Hope you got everything done that you needed to! Definitely love the dimension that inking adds! :)

  9. I love the flowers and inking them is a must - really finished them off! Can't wait to see the final creation. Hope all goes well today!

  10. I never use my cricut anymore either, I feel like it takes too long Lol! I can't wait to see the finished project!!

  11. Those hearts are so cute! Great idea to use the toothpicks. Glad your Cricut got some exercise. I like the inked edges better, too.

  12. I think inking the edges is a pain, too...but I do love the way it looks!!!!

  13. Those flowers are AMAZING! I love how you ink the edges and added the pearls.

    I hadn't used my Cricut in a long time - until the wedding, then I had to go Cricut crazy! But now its in the half unpacked craft room, and it will probably be a while before it gets any least until I finish unpacking!

  14. yay on finally using the cricut again! I hope that you will use it more now that you have dusted it off! ;0)


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