Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Being put to work

My oldest daughter Ashley has booked the week off work.
But before she did, she made sure I was available to help her with working on her new home.
Funny as Kristy told Ashley that she wanted me to do something with her this week.
Ashley told her "I have dibs on mom for this week". LOL
So today we tackled some closets.

When she bought her home, she didn't like how the inside of the closets were put together. So she asked me to dismantle them….which I did.
Ashley was so excited when she bought her home that she was all over the place with repairs and upgrades. Then she was upset as she didn't think things were getting completed.
I told her that if she focused on one job and see it completed to the end before going to the next job, that it would be more rewarding than seeing many jobs 1/2 way completed.
I think she took my advice, as today she would say "focus on the closet".
See our children do pay attention, teehee.

Now back to her closets.
I was going to just paint the wood that we removed last year, but looking at it, I could see it was cracked and some of it looked like the previous owners used scrap wood.
So we started from scratch.
We picked up new wood and I started measuring and cutting the wood.
Kristy and Ashley painted the cut pieces and tomorrow we will start putting together the closets :)

It has been raining all day today.
Wayne came back home this mooring at 8:30 am to change his clothes.
He got caught in a down pour when he started up the plant, and was soaked to the bone.
He had to run back to the scale shack to find a bag to put on his cast as the artwork I had done was started to run from the rain.
I was chilled all day from running in and out of the rain all day and I had a rain jacket on…so he must have been chilled as well.

Hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Closets are the worst- they always need to be redone. Good thing Ashley has you!!! I am sure you will take photos of the completed closet!!

  2. So awesome!
    Always love working on projects with my mom! You are so lucky!

  3. Fabulous to be able to work together with your girls. Ir's always a good idea to do a project start to finish. We had huge downpours one while travelling the 401, it slowed some cars/trucks down. It didn't help the humidity though.

  4. It's great that you and your girls are so close, Tracy! Hope the rain lets up!

  5. I'm sure she will be thrilled with the work you are doing. I remember antique shopping with my Mother once looking for a dining table and I got distracted by jewelry. "We have to keep focused on this furniture," she said and she steered me in the right direction. Moms know best.

  6. You are always on the go, good job you retired :-)

  7. Isn't it nice when you can tell your kids are listening? Lol! That's quite a rain if Wayne had to change clothes!

  8. Oh man - custom made closets! I am like Ashley being all over the place with home projects. Right now I've got three sitting out, and I am definitely frustrated with the lack of progress. I need to take your advice and just focus on one at a time!

    That is sweet that Wayne covered his cast so your artwork wouldn't run. But I'm sorry he got caught in such a bad rain storm!


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