Sunday, June 22, 2014

Broken bones

Every weekend I have shared a photo of my one and only can of Coke that I enjoy for the week.
Here is this weeks photo.
I am not sure if I am going to drink it (its not open yet) as I had a few to many goodies this weekend at the cottage ;)

Here was my hand model.
I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago in this post here that my husband Wayne hurt his wrist on his quad.
The doctor had told him then, that he had pulled some ligaments and should feel better in a few days.
As it turned out, it got worse every day since then.
When we went to Emergency we had a different doctor who ordered more x-rays.
There are a few tiny bones in his wrist that may be broken, but an x-ray won't pick them out. Plus his ligaments are also torn.
So he had to get a cast…poor baby :(

I told him we were all going to sign his cast and draw funny pictures.
He didn't seem impressed.
Until Kristy came to him with a large sharpie marker and signed her gamer name ;)

And just because its my blog ;)
Here is a photo of me walking at the cottage. I love walking there.
Sadly I have to stick to this one route as Wayne doesn't like me to walk the whole pipeline without him following me on the quad.
And with his arm in the cast, he won't be driving the ATV any time soon.

I hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Glad you took Wayne back to the ER to get his hand rechecked. Glad the walking is going well!

  2. Goodness, glad the second doc took closer look at Wayne's hand! Your walking trail looks beautiful, so hope Wayne gets better soon so he can follow you on the quad!

  3. Hope he's healed up quickly so he can enjoy the summer with you all!

    In response to your reply yesterday, I've had knee problems for over 20 years as well, had surgery on one and am supposed to do the other. We went for a good walk yesterday and they were screaming at me last night. Like you, just gotta keep truckin! :)

  4. Oh no! I hope Wayne is feeling okay. Is it weird that I kind of always wanted a cast? I thought it was cool that people signed them. But I don't want to actually break anything!

  5. Oh wow - I want to sign it too! Sorry to hear that it needed a cast though and at least you went back to double check, it might not of healed properly otherwise. You are so good going on your walks.

  6. Sorry to hear about your husbands wrist - on the upside - what an awesome washi-tape project.......I LOVE COKE, I do, my fella however is a militant anti-coke-ist and I am going to stay with hime for a few weeks from tomorrow - its going to be hard! Your garden looks amazing - I admire anyone who can plant things and look after them, I reckon I have brown to black thumbs. Thanks also for coming over to my blog so faithfully and always leaving stellar comments. I picked up a stash of cool things while I was in Cape Town visiting my brother, going to have to do haul post soon!

  7. Thank goodness you guys went back. Bet it feels better in the cast!

  8. I can't believe it was actually broken. And here I thought he was just being a big baby. Lol! That's a great picture of him though!! I hope you're not having to help in the bathroom, because that's some crap Mike would try and pull. Lol! Great pic of you too!


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