Saturday, June 28, 2014

Getting lost.

When we got to the cottage last night, Heather wanted to go for a walk down one of the trails. On the way we spotted this.
Army worm cocoon. Gross. 
When we reached the trail, all the trees were cut down :(. So no trail left. 
But we decided to walk it anyway. 
We got lost in the bush, lol.  We were walking and talking, we just didn't really pay attention. 
I had map my walk on. Good thing as it helped us get out of there easier. 
The bottom of the laddle (as this is what it looks like to me) is where we went in the trail. As you can see we didn't follow the same way out, lol
Ashley and Tyler came out this morning. Even at the cottage she leaves her mark. 
Wayne took us all to the restaurant for lunch.
Today was a hot muggy day. The lake was cold, but Blake went for a swim. 
We had a small fire to roast some marshmallows and to make some s'mores. 
It was a wonderful day spent with my family :). 
I hope you all had a Creatve Day. 

Tracy :)@


  1. Any day spent with family is a fabulous day. Yuk to thos worms, creepy. Funny how you get lost when they take away your markers. It was a creative day finished 4 cards and coloured an image.

  2. Those dang army worls are uggglllyyyy! Glad you found your way back. We'd sure be missing you! Fun times with the family.

  3. Sounds like a great day! Glad you were able to find your way back :)
    And yuck to the worms!

  4. Those wormy things look gross! Made me itch all over :-) Glad you found your way home:-)

  5. I love your cottage posts, know you're so happy there :)

  6. Ewww, the worms are gross!

    It looks like a great time at the cottage. I'm glad you found your way back and didn't get too lost in the trail. I wonder why all the trees were cut down.


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