Saturday, June 21, 2014

Planting more flowers

Started my day with a 5 mile walk.
Here is the beautiful trail I walk here at our cottage.  
I don't think anyone else walks out here except me. The tire marks are from our quads ;)
This trail comes out at the TransCanada highway. I do have to walk along this highway to make my circle. I did 6 laps this morning. 
After my walk I cleaned out our flower beds and did some planting. It took about 3 hours to clean and plant all the beds and planters. Lots of planting. 
I wanted to go for another walk tonight after supper, but my knees disagreed after kneeling a good part of the day. 
Here is my map for today :) 
As I walked around the hotel, it seemed everyone wanted me to chat with them. So it took me a bit longer to do my walk. But had a few nice chats. 
I hope you all had a Creative Day :) 

Tracy :)


  1. Love the heart flower bed!
    Have been a bit out of touch as busy at mum's with only my data plan and iPhone . Home tonight so will get caught up!!!

  2. Lovely garden and way to get out and train for your 1/2 marathon., I too have been out of the loop since on dial up I can't get any blogs to load. Now back at the cottage with the high speed. Until I get the film on my eyes lasered it's hit and miss what I can read. unfortunately my appointment is August 20 to see the surgeon.

  3. You're flowers looks great, Tracy! I know all too well about knee problems. :)

  4. What a productive day!! Your flower bed looks great!

  5. What a pretty walk!

    Your flowers look great! I love the flower bed with the rocks.

    I hope your knees feel better soon!

  6. Beautiful flower bed, love that it is in the shape of a heart.


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