Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hospital visit and planting Flowers

Went flower shopping with Kristy and Ashley today.
But first….

We came home early from the cottage today because yesterday Wayne hurt his wrist.
When we were riding our quads on the trail, Wayne turned to see where I was and as he turned his head, he hit a stump and banged his wrist on the handle bar.
He hit it so hard he heard a snap and thought he broke it.
Yes I said that this took place yesterday, afternoon.
His wrist was bent and he had a large lump on the top of it.

So off to Emerg. we went.
I was so impressed that we were only there for a little over an hour.
I have heard of others being there for over 9 hours!!!
I think the doctor and the nurse were both surprised that it wasn't broken. But what he did do was tear his tendon.
Luckily he just has to ice it and try not to use it. So he has had a tensor bandage on it to keep it in place.

Because Wayne was such a good boy for the doctor, I treated him for dinner at Applebees :)

As soon as Wayne and I got back from our early dinner, Ashley came by to pick me up to go plant shopping.
Then we had to go and pick up soil for her flower bed and then plant her new plants.

Now she can't wait for them to flower :)

I didn't get my walk in tonight, but I did get to work out a bit by working in the flower bed ;)

Hope you had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Her flower bed looks the allen block edging!

  2. Owwwww, glad he is ok!
    The flower bed is picture perfect!

  3. The flower bed looks great. Poor Wayne hope he is better soon.

  4. Hope your husbands wrist get better soon! Nice looking flower bed

  5. Hope he takes good care of that wrist and it heals soon. The flowers look beautiful. Welcome summer!

  6. Sending healing vibes to Wayne. what a way to get out of doing the dishes LOL. The flowerbed looks great, looking forward to seeing the end result.

  7. Hope his wrist recovers quickly and the flowers look great!

  8. So glad Wayne is okay! A tear sounds so painful! Ashley's flower beds look great!!

  9. Really glad the Wayne hadn't broken anything - but ouch to the torn tendon. I bet it is really sore! Love Ashley's flower beds!

  10. Sorry Wayne got hurt, whiskey checking on you. Glad it isn't broken, but sometimes those tears can be as or more painful! Pretty flowers.

  11. Don't know where the whiskey came from! Dang auto correct! Should read while!

  12. Ouch! Glad he is ok but that is a bummer!
    Her flower beds are looking great!

  13. Oh gosh! I'm glad Wayne is okay, but I'm sorry he was hurt!

    The flowers look beautiful :)

  14. So glad his wrist/arm wasn't broken. I hope the flowers do well for her.


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