Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Buckle Challenge Card.

My friend Denise gave me, and a couple of my friends, a challenge.
She purchased these buckles and asked us to make a card using them.
Here is the card I made, I used my buckle as a present.

Here is Sharon's card, I love that she used her buckle as part of her image in the juke box.

Denise's card.
She used the buckle to run her ribbon through. I'm not sure if she added those jewels on the ribbon, or if it came like that.

And here is Lynne's card.
She also used her buckle to run her ribbon though it.
My friends sure are creative :)

Now for some details on my card.
I used a Prima doll stamp and coloured her in with my Copic markers, I then paper pieced her dress.
With my markers, I added dots to the background to look like confetti :)
That tiny green tag, is actually a piece of washi tape that I folded and stapled on.

Here is the inside of my card.
I gave this card to Denise for her birthday celebration yesterday.
Since she was the one to challenged us, I figured it was only fitting that she receive it :)

I also did a video on this card with a few more details.
If you would rather watch it on my YouTube channel, just click the link Tracy's Treasures.
 You are probably getting tired with me showing you my walks, but I think this app with the map is just so cool.
Plus this is just what I am doing…so deal with it, lol, Just Kidding ;)
Tonight we walked around Boulevard twice.
And no Becky we didn't stop in at the Psychiatric Hospital ;P

Hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Nice job with your card. And turning your buckle into a present-great idea! I love your colouring of the birthday girl.

  2. You all did a great job with the challenge of using the buckles as embellishment. A tough challenge for sure. Yours is very pretty and a great touch with the embellishment. I really love the jukebox, too!

  3. Such pretty cards, everyone did a great job with the challenge!

  4. Neat buckle ideas. Your doll coloring is wonderful. The map app is cool. My sister uses it too.

  5. Don't you mean the "day care"??? Lol! All the cards look great, I love how you turned your buckle into a present!!

  6. Everybody's cards are fabulous and shows how creative you can be. You are going to be so fit by the end of the summer!

  7. What great cards! I love the different, creative uses for the buckle. I never would have thought of using it as a present or for a jukebox. How cool!

    Your walks are awesome! I didn't get to go on one today - I was waiting at home for a contractor to come, and now its too hot to even think about it! Maybe after dinner it will cool down!


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