Thursday, June 26, 2014

Outside work

Today was a beautiful day to work outside at Ashley's house.
We started with me telling her I really didn't want to make her a patio table.
She had great plans, it would have looked awesome, but I really wasn't up to making a table today.
So we washed her patio deck instead.
In that process, we decided to follow this wire….the previous owners had speakers on the outside of the garage.
They ran the wiring from the house siding, under the deck, underground and through the garage foundation.
So I pulled on the wire until we hit it underground and then cut it off.
I didn't notice that Kristy took this photo until she sent it to me ;)
We all look very inquisitive don't we, teehee.

We had to run to the hardware store to pick up a few supplies and while we were there, Ashley found a patio table that she liked.
It came with 6 chairs (which was good as the chairs she wanted she would have had to order on-line, but the chairs she really wanted where like 650.00 each…..yes for patio chairs!!! No she wouldn't have ordered them) Not only did the patio set Ashley bought came with 6 chairs, they also came with nice thick cushions….of course she doesn't like the cushions (there had to be something, lol), but she likes the blue/white ones she placed on top of them.
I see some sewing in my future, lol.

Lastly we spread some topsoil.
Well I didn't do any of the topsoil, as Ashley won't let me, as she thinks I may have a heart attack…and you know, there are still things she needs done around her house, lol.
Just kidding, she really doesn't let me do things that she thinks are too strenuous for me.

While Ashley and Tyler (Ashley's boyfriend) were getting to work on the topsoil, Tyler needed a new pair of gloves as his pair had pretty big holes in them.
He found these garden gloves in Ashley's shed…he really had to work to put them on as they are pretty small :)
I told him I needed a picture of him with his pretty working gloves, he even posed for me…such a great sport he is :)

So that was my day today.
It was so nice to actually be outside on this beautiful day.

I hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. That deck and bench look great! She has such a cute house!

    I like the cushion she put on top too.

  2. That's a cute pic of the 3 of you, Tracy! Looks like it was a beautiful day to be outside, even if it was working. :)

  3. You are such a good Mom, and tell Tyler I think he looks very becoming in his floral gloves LOL! :-)

  4. What great pictures :) sounds like a very productive day!!

  5. This looks like a fun day working outside!

    I love the patio chairs, but I'm with Ashley - I like the other cushions better. But not if it makes more work for you!

    That picture with the gloves is hysterical - he is a great sport!

  6. Gret work and love that chair the cusion looks really comfy. Always a feeling of accomplishment when the jobs are done.


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