Friday, June 27, 2014

Day with my Girls

Today was an awesome day.
I got to spend it with my girls !!!!!!
First off we went to brunch.
Here is Kristy and Heather :)

Ashley and I.
She was so sweet and treated us all to brunch :)

Then we went shopping.
Ashley picked up some cushions for her patio benches.
I bought some yoga pants, as all of my other ones have paint on them.
Walked around the mall.
When did acid wash jeans make a comeback?   And high waisted at that, lol.

Lastly we went flower shopping for Ashley's front flower bed.
She has so many small birds in her neighbourhood, unlike mine that is full of crows:(

Here is Ashley's front flower bed.
I love the stands on either side of the window with the hanging baskets in them…..I think I may need a few of these for myself ;)

It is a long weekend for us :)
Canada day is on Tuesday, but when the holiday lands on an odd day, Wayne switches it so everyone gets a long weekend ;)
Ashley took Monday off work, so she has an extended holiday as Tuesday her office is closed…as is most all stores here.

I hope you all had a Creative Day :)
I am planning on creating all next week…I'm so excited :)

Tracy :)


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! OMG...please do not tell me acid wash is back????? That was definitely a fashion don't that should stay in the 80's! And high waisted? I have a short waist so that would come up to my bra line. I'm thinking that wouldn't be a good look for me..... LOL

  2. Glad it was a fun day with your girls, Tracy, and it sounds like it might continue over your holiday weekend! Acid wash jeans?! ack!

  3. How fun, soending a day with your girls. Enjoy the long weekend. My Canada Day flag will be out flying. July 4th follows right behind!

  4. Wonderful day and Ashley's garden is looking so pretty. Enjoy the long weekend.

  5. Oh I like the bird house! I think our bird finally decided to stay elsewhere, since the doves, cardinals, bluejays & chickadees were taking over.

  6. What a fun day with your girls :) love Ashley's flower bed!! I'm excited for you to create too!!

  7. Looks like you gals had a sweet day together! Acid jeans, LOL!

  8. That sounds like a great day!

    Um...acid wash jeans?! Please no! I will be "out of style" then, because I refuse to wear them!

    I hope you enjoyed your long weekend + Happy Canada Day!


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