Thursday, June 19, 2014

Flower Day

Awwww summer planting…I love it.
I am not good with what plants or flowers grow good in which areas.
I think I have inherited my mother's black thumb.
I remember when HGTV had garden shows on Saturday morning. I would sit down with my little note book and watch Mark Cullen and take notes.
Then Wayne my little girls and I would go outside and we would get to work on our yard.
I have to say I think I was better at the hard labour than I was with keeping my plants alive ;)

If you remember from last year this post here, I redid my whole front flower bed, by "little ol' me" pulling out the large cedar bush, and replanting.
I planted a few flowers in here this year, but am rethinking my flower bed again.
I planted some Hosta's in here last night, but they are not doing so well, they are so so tiny.
Then I look across the street at my neighbour's Hosta's and they are gigantic.
I think I need a professional gardener, lol.

Oh and look at this little fella.
I am not looking forward to seeing more, but I hear they are on their way.
This is an Army Worm or Tent Caterpillar.
We have had them before and they will clean out a forest of their leaves in no time.
I remember you could actually hear them crunching on the leaves as there were so many of them.
When driving on the highway, it looked like the highway was moving, but it were these guys marching across the highway.
It was gross.

 I don't want to leave you with that thought in your head, so I will share the beautiful Lilacs Kristy picked for me.
She knows I love the smell and look of these beautiful blooms, so she picked me some.
My living room smells so nice :)

Debbie and I don't walk on Thursday's or Fridays, so Kristy and I went for a short walk tonight.
Kristy knows I am having fun with this Map my Walk app, so she said we can't retrace our steps.
My phone died (story of my life) so I am not sure how accurate tonights walk was.
But I did enjoy walking with my Kristy :)

Hope you had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. I enjoyed your gardening post, Tracy! Not so much the caterpillar business, but especially the lilacs! That bouquet is phenomenal!! They are my favorite flower and I've just sat here staring for like five minutes, imagining the awesome aroma!! Good luck with the new plants - be patient with those Hosta (if they don't get eaten!)!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Beautiful flowers! Haha black thumb. I love to garden. My grandmother had stunning gardens is I feel closer to her when I garden. The lilacs are stunning. We've had days of rain and yes, more flooding. So my lilacs are heavy with water. Keep walking! Get a Camel Pack.

  3. I don't have much of a green thumb, either. But like the looks of all your flowers. I remember as a kid our neighbor burning the nests of the tent caterpillars.

  4. Your yard looks nice, very colorful, Tracy! We had to do so much to our yard, but when putting in the new plants we had to go with extremely low maintenance as neither of us are good with gardening. :)

  5. Man! So weird on the caterpillars!!!!!! Hear them?!?!?! Highway moving?!?! Maybe I'll take the good ole' Texas tree roach! Anyway I love the way the flowers look in the bird bath!!!!!

  6. Your Hostas will grow and grow. Each year coming back bigger and bigger, unitl you will be have to split them and more to plant elsewhere. I weeded to big flower beds today, adding some new top soil. I now have another bed to sort out down the side of the house and one along the front path. However, we are going on vacation in a weeks time, so I think I will have to leave those till I come back :-) Have a great weekend.

  7. Are hostas the plants that do well in the shade? We planted a hydrangea this spring and it was doing great, but now, not so much. I'm not sure how long the blooms are supposed to last, but they are looking...sickly. That caterpillar thing is gross. I hope you can take care of them before they get out of control!

  8. Just give the hosts time...they will soon be like your neighbours .
    Those lilacs look gorgeous!

  9. Ewww, those bugs are gross, especially the highway story. Yucky!

    I think your garden looks nice. I, of course, can't even keep fake plants alive. So I have 0 advice on that front hahaha

    The lilacs are gorgeous! And I love that you didn't retrace your steps for your walk. That is a good idea! I hate when I retrace when using an app, because it doesn't look as cool on the map. But my neighborhood has dead ends so you have to retrace or you will get stuck!


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