Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun filled day at the cottage.

Today was another wonderful day spent with my family.
I have always treasured the time I spent with my girls and my honey, but now that my girls are adults we aren't all together as much. But I am thankful that we all are in the same town and still get to be together as much as we do. 

We were outside most of the day... In between the short thunder and rain storms. 
We all went for an afternoon walk. Well all except Wayne and Heather. 
I finished this book. It was a fast easy read. The characters and their relationships weren't believable and it was pretty predictable.  Not my choice of book, but my FIL's wife gave it to me and I forgot my book at home. 
Enjoyed my 1 Can of Coke. 
Because it's a long weekend for us, I allow myself a can a day, but I think this one can was enough to satisfy me :)
I had seen this tip on how to cut a watermelon and wanted to give it a try. 
I have to say this is awesome!!
Will be doing this every time we get a watermelon. 
Even though we walked quite a bit today, I still wanted to do my power walk tonight. 
I planned on doing 6-8 laps. 
But Mother Nature had other plans. 
During my 3rd lap there was a downpour :(.
Needless to say, I got a tad bit soaked. 
Power just went out.
Odd Asia is, it isn't even raining.
Wayne just put some candles out so the kids (I know they are not kids) can finish their board game. 

I hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Thanks for the tip on the water melon - and would have loved to have seen a photo of you soaked :-) Have a great week.

  2. Awesome weekend so far even with the rain. Great tip on the watermelon, will have to try this too. We had off and on rain but not enough to deter the neighbour adult child from setting off loud fireworks that made me jump, it sounded like it was under our windows. Dull again today and a larger chance of rain here at Turkey Point ON.

  3. What a great idea for the watermelon! Sorry to hear you got caught in the rain, that's no fun!

  4. I saw that too about the watermelon. Glad to know it works!! I think it sounds like fun to be rained in at the cottage, well except for you getting stuck out in it ;)

  5. I have a melon in the frig, so I am going to try the tip when we open it! It has been on and off rain here as well, hubby was grumbling as he could not work on the deck yesterday. Have a awesome Monday!

  6. Love the watermelon idea!! thanks for the tip

  7. I saw that with the water melon. I wonder if it would work with a canteloupe? That's my favorite type of melon, but I hate cutting it up!

    That is crazy about the lights, especially when its not raining. Ours flicker every time it rains. When I'm home along, I keep a flashlight with me, because I'm afraid of the dark!

  8. The watermelon thing looks like a great idea. Tidier to eat it this way!

  9. Sounds wonderful - who doesn't love watermelon in the summertime.


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