Friday, June 13, 2014

Just a Pen

I went to Michaels today to get a wider nib marker.
I came home with this, lol.
Most of my purchases were 70% off or from the $1.50 bin :)
I really like the paper flowers on the right…not that I need anymore flowers :)

It was really cold this morning.
Wayne asked me if I wanted him to turn on the furnace before he went to work.
I told him, no we are not having the heat on in the middle of June.
I was planning on (actually hoping Kristy would) baking some cookies, to warm up the house.
We didn't though.

We have road construction at the bottom of our street and look at this poor sign lady.
She is so cold.
Not only is she dressed in layers, she has a winter jacket on and winter gloves.
Yup, it was that cold out this morning.

Hope you have a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Poor flag lady but lucky girl you. 70% off the dollar bins usually call out to me too! But I have to run past them now while I am on my consumables freeze!!! lol

    I love the self adhesive ribbon strip you got...I have that same chandelier embellies and I usually buy those flowers when they are 30 cents too!


    Oh well, I will beglad when i finally have my new computer and when I am using my new dies. Luckily they are a non consumable! lol

  2. What a fab. bunch of stuff from Michaels. Wonder if any of ours has some 70% off, love the flowers. Nothing worse than having to stand still in the cold. brrrr

  3. Now I'm wanting to run to Michael's for a new marker! Lol! I always gravitate towards the same items, like you with the flowers, but I know I'll use them, like you ;)

  4. Looks like you found some great bargains, Tracy!

  5. Wow, you make me want to run to Michael's for just a single thing too. Enjoy the new stash.

  6. Wow, that is cold! Happy new found goodies!!

  7. Love all of the new goodies! That always happens to me when I go there!

    I hope it warms up there soon - that is way too cold for June!


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